Magnets are super useful that why we are totally in life with them! You can use them everywhere around your house: to organize banknotes, wires, cosmetics and a lot more!
We share with you magnet hacks that are really genius, inexpensive and won’t take much effort.
Let’s start from a clever magnet hack that all the girls will love. Sometimes it’s really hard to find bobby pins in a drawer, and we have a solution for you. Glue a small magnet to the bottom of a small saucer you like. Ready! This lifehacks also work with pins, safety pins, and paperclips.
Another awesome lifehack we share is for plant lovers and those who in love with eco-design. Take a silicon mold for pancakes, place a small magnet inside, cover with concrete and place an egg inside. Let the concrete planters dry and crack the egg. Now you have a cute planter that you can hang on your refrigerator. By the way, you can color the planter! Choose the color you like and suits your home design.
Sometimes it’s really hard to find USB cord you need as they are somewhere under the table. No problem! Glue magnets to binder clips to store your USB cords on the edge of a desk.
Don’t forget that the magnetic sheet is an incredibly multifunctional item. You can use it to hang posters, organize toothbrushes and also find small metal objects on the floor before you use a vacuum cleaner.
Do you want to throw away your old jeans? You don’t need to do this because we have a ton of lifehack show to reuse them. You will be surprised how many ways to reuse old jeans we know! You can make home slippers, cute apron to work in the garden and even a new skirt! Watch our tutorials!
Check out more life-changing lifehacks we share with you: how to make a foundation from coffee, how to curl your hair using empty toilet rolls, how to organize linen and to make a cozy bag for your dog!

00:09 Magnet hacks
01:30 How to organize USB cords
03:42 Hiding place for your liquor
06:04 Cut your jeans
10:09 Escape hack
16:57 DIY bed for your dog

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  1. I think 5 min crafts ran out of ideas 1:56

  2. 4:40 Yes good idea but the cars will be destroyed in a few minutes cause the table is very heavy.

  3. 3:17 Ew gross why do you have to remove your hair things and put them in the wing! Just use gloves!!!

  4. 0:41 or you could just use a wallet or purse😞

  5. 7:39 sees stain oh! Let's make a bag out of this stained shirt!!

    Me: get . The . Mother f-big. Stain spray and wash it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. On the on where her money flew out of her pocket ALL SHE NEEDS TO DO IS GET A BLUMING PURCE!!!!!

  7. I only liked the dog bed and the dog collar!

    Who else?

  8. Dirty shirt? No need to wash it just cut it up and make it in to some thing you will never need

  9. You do know that they make sporks right?

  10. And ho eat a fuul pepar with frosting on top this chanel makes no scens

  11. That hard is what i ment to say

  12. How is itvthat hard to eat chicken

  13. Olha devo dizer que vcs são geniais

  14. Wow where you learned to do such wonderful beers😱😱😱

  15. Are you people very poor
    Because you guys take new things and make very cheap things😕😕😕

  16. That’s cool I like it👍👍👍

  17. Who has that many nails on the floor

  18. My name is selin and menns running water

  19. Hey 5 minute crafts you should use a lint roller on a cat or dog and it will get the loose hair

  20. This should be called how to ruin your clothing

  21. 10:15 yeah i just have a plastic and metal paper clip in prison when i am handcuffed

  22. 9:53 yeah i will mix coffee,lotion,and baby powder to have make-up in PRISON

  23. 9:30 oh yeah i will waste a roll of toilet paper just to get nice hair

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