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37 Smart Life Hacks

Hi guys.
In this video, I will show you life hacks just make your life easier.
You will learn how to cool Coca-Cola with a balloon, how to get rid of a splinter with a hot glass, how to remove a broken bulb, how to safely hide your money and much more.
Watch and enjoy.



  1. Hi Guys! Next comment "SPLINTER" in your language. LOVE U!

  2. Dose ketchup where he is not have the same cap, or dose he like the aftertaste of Coca-Cola??

  3. I only watched this because I had nothing better to do

  4. It was Opposite Day when this video was conceived🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. I thought these wher suppose to be smart

  6. The eock thing was soo dumb id there arw soo many rocks you may loat it or some kids collecting rocks may get it

  7. Putting a Balloon on a light bulb is asking for the fire to start thoi wow amazing and ussless SO CALLED LIFE HACKS.. worst video ive this week XD

  8. Just make some stupid thing and find out functionality for it

  9. Other than the splinter removal….this video blows.
    Don't waste your time,mines already spent.

  10. Das Thumnail sieht aus wie ein Pickel. >.<

  11. Please my channel 🙏🙏 subscribe

  12. 1:05 would work so well… unless you have landscapers.

  13. 5:36
    What u really came for. Give a like if helped.

  14. You are very clever!! 😃😀😀

  15. Life hacks are as useless as a wooden frying pan. Absolute TITT.

  16. All of the sudden im thinking bout how to basic

  17. He s stupid he use burnt plasic for the ketchup don t do this it s tossic

  18. Ты что русский?

  19. Bro nobodys pop thing comes off

  20. Poor People: Quick Write that down!

    Im sorry

  21. YouTubers I don’t like this
    Kids: Misspelt hate comment

  22. Блять, как я без этого жил? Заебись жил.

  23. Я случайно наткнулся на это видео и заметил что видео на английском, а кола русская

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