0:01 – kitchen hacks
3:03 – food hacks
7:56 – cool tips for office
11:54 – home hacks

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  1. At 1:34 what are those color choices. I would never do blue and mustard yellow. Luv the hacks tho.

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  3. Why not just take your shoes off when you clean the floor? Swim goggles when you chop onions? ribbon for tying back curtains? I’d rather stab my food with a sharpened straw than use a utensil with lead and tape on it, esspecily cause those paper clips could’ve been all over. Why would you glue something to the wall? We have command strips now. Coin for bottle opener, less embarrassing. Fish still has bones? Bad food don’t eat there again. Use tape, not a razor, your socks last longer. You can use the edge of the counter for toothpaste and other tubed products just fine, or a clip. Some soap dosent work well with clothes, test first.

  4. Backround music is very good

  5. Ngupas telor pake lakban? Kok gak kepikiran ya😊

  6. 1:11
    That doesn’t look like a old towel🙄😛😁

  7. 13:06 дома разуваться не пробовали?

  8. Adam yere bişe düşürüyo 3:11

  9. Omg. Most of them were terrible 😱

  10. O messo solo like per la musica

  11. If my husband ever came home and saw me using a half of a plastic bottle over my face for a shield and a winter hat to keep it on, he would immediately bring me to the nearest psych hospital!! 😆😂😆

  12. Gets out wrinkle with hot pot. Gets food on shirt.

  13. When that pesky cast gets in the way of picking up my keys.

  14. I always use a drill to sharpen my pencils and squeeze out my toothpaste.

  15. Shoots ink pen dart at work. Poke bosses eye out. Gets fired.

  16. Because everyone carries a roll of tape in their back pocket, along with needle nose pliers to remove fish bones. One pancake for picnic. I always have a pot of boiling water at my desk. Paper clip fork, yeah!

  17. Seriously who walks forward behind the mop when washing the floor ,!!!!!

  18. I really liked the ideas and tips, it was super cool thank you send other cool videos thank you

  19. Entrenidas, novedosa y increíbles ideas gracias

  20. Use your dirty shoe to hold your coffee because why not? And who keeps clean shoes in the car, especially near the driver's seat?

  21. Did they not know that loose leaf tea is to be strained before drinking?

  22. Funny and impractical hacks. Waste of time

  23. You can just remove your shoes instead of wrapping a towel

  24. عجبني الواقي بالبيدون ههههه

  25. At the same time, showing off ugly tattooes.. 🤮

  26. Какое же гавно они жрут. Одна химоза

  27. Как показвате как се правят палачинки wow

  28. I loved the idea of a cooked egg in the hot coffee or water haha nice

  29. Why does that sandwich look worse than momo

  30. Есть крутые вещи. Но и ерунды полнейшей тоже хватает в этом видео

  31. Put lemon juice on cutting board before chopping onions…NO tears.

  32. The only I like in this video was the song.

  33. 11:05 Do people really just fuckin hot glue pictures to the wall?

  34. 1:33 she looks so scared eating that lol

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