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There are a lot of dresses and top styles you can wear but do you have several types of bra that will suit such styles as high-neck top, one-shoulder dress or sleeveless top? No need to go to the store immediately, save your budget and watch our video full of cheap and handy ideas!
If you are looking for the idea of how to make your breasts look bigger without spending a lot of money on push up bra, you can use tape instead. Watch the tutorial. Moreover, you can use tape to hide bra while you wear a low-cut dress. One-shoulder dress or top is always an annoying garment to wear as you need to have a strapless bra that won’t be slipping down. But you can wear clear bra straps to make you look glamorous. Glue some pearls or any embellishment to the clear bra strap and wear with one-shoulder dress or top.
If you don’t have a right bra for a chic high-neck dress, remove straps of ordinary bra and crisscross them. Besides, this brilliant hack works with racerback tops. Sometimes bra starts feeling too tight and there is a handy solution – make a bra extender by your own hands. Don’t spend money and watch our tutorial!
Besides, we have various clothing tips that will ease your life! Check out what to do with old leggings or how to get rid of iodine stains! Do you need a new clutch purse for a party? Transform your sunglasses case into a new clutch! We share an easy tutorial on how to make a chic accessory and to reduce waste.
Watch our collection lifehacks with sanitary pads! You will be shocked by unexpected uses of such an intimate item.

00:21 Do you want curvy hips?
00:44 Bra lifehacks every girl should know
03:17 Handmade bra extender
07:38 DIY Clutch purse
11:07 Crazy uses of sanitary pads
15:35 Helpful makeup ideas

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    00:21 Do you want curvy hips?

    00:44 Bra lifehacks every girl should know

    03:17 Handmade bra extender

    07:38 DIY Clutch purse

    11:07 Crazy uses of sanitary pads

    15:35 Helpful makeup ideas
    More hacks for girls here https://youtu.be/wJs0yai2t-w

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