You will love this collection of ideas as they look crazy but are very clever! There is a collection of restroom life hacks that you will need to ease your life. Check out what to do when the toilet seat is cold, what to do if the lock is broken, how to fix the clogged toilet using aspirin, replace plunger with a plastic bottle, how to make a toilet paper holder from a plastic bottle. Check out how to reduce your budget and water bills using a plastic bottle from soda. Fill the plastic bottle with water. Place the bottle into your toilet tank. The bottle will displace the water in the tank and you will use less water every time you flush.
Girls with oily skin will love the next hack – use toilet seat covers to blot your oily skin. You skin will look flawless. You can make a tablet holder using kitchen hooks. Now you can watch your favorite show in restroom.
It’s a very annoying situation when your colleagues don’t close toilet door and your desk is near restroom. Don’t worry, you can make a door closer. You will need the following supplies: rope, two-door hooks, and a plastic bottle. Attach the first hook to the door corner and the second one to the door frame near. Attach the rope to the hook on the door and put it from the first hook to the second one and attach the end of the rope to the plastic bottle that should hang.

00:15 Clever restroom ideas
01:44 Aspirin for a clogged toilet
04:42 DIY Door closer
10:45 Awesome bathroom hacks

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  1. This channel sure relies on people randomly having sewing needles and paper clips around

  2. The worst thing is that she put the toilet seat on her and eating food it is so disgusting

  3. 8:17 just use the Indian toilet man

  4. How many of u came here after watching Triggered insaan

  5. How many here after triggered insaan??

  6. 11:40 and they say never put your head in a plastic bag…

  7. See 2:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Welp. Atleast there are more germ in a keyboard thatn a toilet seat.

  9. I need a solution for this

  10. I'm Turk I don't understand what you say I'm sorry I write from translation 😔😔😔😔 but I watch it with pleasure 😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Достало Уже "I Gonna Be Ailright

  12. In 5:12 someone is prob gonna take the Coca Cola!😂

  13. Why do they always watch their own videos while on the toilet??

  14. Estaba obvio que el gato era de mentira

  15. Iertați-mă dar vizionarea acestui clip ar trebui pus sub interdicție de vârstă care nu are 18 ani în rest este vorba de igiena sper ca a-ți înțeles ce am zis

  16. I am sorry referitorior in ans 16 🚾🔞➡️❌

  17. 1:21 why is that twit still trying to come in if someone is CLEARLY in there???

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