This video will change your cleaning routine completely! You will learn a lot of ideas on how to make natural cleaning supplies at home, cleaning tips that will surprise you and secrets that you will be able to share with your friends!
Here is a top selection of cleaning ideas for your home:
-If there are some small metal items on the floor and you need to find them simply attach
two-sided tape to your mop to find small metal items like safety pins or bobby pins on the
-You will be surprised but you can clean a sink using a balloon
-Organize tiny items in your drawer. Glue a small magnet to the bottom of a small saucer you
-Microwave tangerine peels for 3 minutes. Remove peels and clean a microwave using a
kitchen sponge. Tangerine essential oils perfectly clean the dirt
-Check out a cool lifehack how to clean tall vases and glasses
-Lemon works perfectly if you want to clean a faucet
-Use micellar water to clean sneaker’s sole. It will be white again
-You can easily clean a stove using shaving foam
-Use olive oil to clean a baking tray. Watch the easy tutorial
-Here is a surprising hack – cover red wine stain with white wine and your white t-shirt is
clean again!
-Use pumice rock to clean toilet rust very quickly
-Wash blood stains with hydrogen peroxide
-Use cream of tartar to clean your plates from scuffed marks
As a bonus, we share a collection of handy toilet lifehacks everyone should know!

00:09 Magnet sheet lifehack
01:14 How to clean a microwave
02:03 Use a lemon clean faucet
05:08 Surprising magnet uses


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  17. 3:15 listen you do NOT need to add oil then FRICKEN COOK IT AGAIN!! Just soak the pan with soap and water then wait like 20 mins at most and do whatever then wash it

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  24. 1:16 What did they do in the microwave?

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