Check out a collection of household ideas that will change your life:

-Carpets usually tend to roll in the corners or even slide. If could be dangerous as you can fall. We share a quick idea that will help to secure your rug easily. Attach velcro straps to the corners. This method also works with mats in the bathroom and all rugs throughout the house.

-The next craft is cool – you can make massage and cleaning slippers that will cost you a penny
-We share a cool lifehack on how to easily seal a plastic bag to keep cookies or candies fresh. Place items in the cello bag and place the bag between the heated curling iron and hold for a couple of seconds
-Use magnets to organize kitchen tools
-Babies and toddlers love to climb and you should keep them safe from falling wardrobes and chests of drawers. Watch our video and find tips for securing furniture to a wall
-One more collection of cool crafts is about ceramic tile. You will learn how to decorate ceramic tile, how to reuse ceramic tile at home
-Do not buy cleaning wipes at the store as you can easily make them at home and you will love the result. You will need to mix lemon juice, water, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap
-Air fresheners may contain a lot of chemicals and might be dangerous for your health. We offer you an easy way to make air fresheners at home from natural ingredients. Take vodka, add essential oils and leaves of mint. You saved a lot of money and all the ingredients are natural


00:40 DIY Massage slippers
03:35 Repairing ideas
06:29 How to decorate ceramic tile
09:40 DIY Natural cleaners

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  1. 8:47 i love it when i accidentally throw my cup across the room 👌

  2. I think the music is quite aptly chosen.

  3. The shirt being ironed at the end was still wrinkled on the other side the trick didn't work that's why it cut out so quick 😆😆

  4. all of this stuff makes you look so poor you can get it all at the dollar store XDDD rawr UWU

  5. Naw ain’t no safety strap y’all can just watch y’all kids

  6. I but the audio on mute whenever I watch.

  7. Anyone else think at 3:35 that was a real kid? Just me? Ok.

  8. You can get all of this at dollar tree for 1 dollar these are probably fake anyway

  9. Imagine how dirty their teeth are becauss they keep useing their toothpaste for videos..

  10. Im sorry, but half of these arent even hacks, you used things for their intended purposes. That's not a hack, it's a tutorial.

  11. 5:54 that’s not really a hack- isn’t that just fixing a wall normally?

  12. 8:00 basically just made the Scottish flag

  13. no one:
    not a single soul:
    5 minute crafts:Lets attach a vase to the wall!!!

  14. 3:30 I thought it was a real kid at first😂😂😂

  15. These songs be talking about the most random things 😂

  16. Hey you I know you see me I wanna tell you have a blessed day and please lie my commet

  17. It may take five minutes to make but it’ll take me five years to get the money for the materials

  18. Its funny cuz the first few weren't actually bad and seemed like things I could use…. Until a few minutes hit and it felt like the normal DIY videos again to where Im confused on why Im watching it.

  19. super happy to know that instead of my massive bookshelf falling on any children or pets, they'll instead be buried by an avalanche of books!!! so much safer, thanks 5 minute crafts!!!

  20. I’m 3 minutes in and everything I’ve seen can be put on a shelf

  21. They have some new for the first 2 minutes, then go back to old ones that we see each video.

  22. "oh no, I dropped my tea cup! Let me go grab my tile adhesive!"

  23. They don’t sew that good on the laundry basket.

  24. Home improvement tips!:
    Don’t get a child.

  25. I don’t know how well some of these will work with just hot glue..

  26. 8:47 You wears high heel, aren't you

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