I love to make various decorative for my home as it helps to save the budget and express my creativity. Buying new furniture or decorative items for your room could be very expensive and items from shops could look awful. By the way, it’s cool to redecorate a room from time to time. Crafting beginners will love these projects as they are ridiculously easy and there is no need to spend a lot of time and money on supplies. Have you ever seen a tea table with an aquarium? Sounds crazy? Watch this video and you will an incredibly easy tutorial. Besides, you won’t need to buy expensive supplies to make this fabulous table.
As a bonus, check out a cool collection of gadgets and tools that will ease your life and help to solve annoying problems. You will find how to eat chips hands-free, how to find small metal items like safety pins or bobby pins on the floor using magnets and syringe, how to make a cool feeder for your cat, how to cut out a perfect circle from paper.
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00:44 Incredible aquarium idea
01:27 Crazy way to reuse your old jeans
06:54 DIY feeder for cats
08:15 Cool inventions for your home

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  1. Me: ahh wow what a nice can of vimto…
    puts can in the bin
    5 Minute crafts: ahh nice vimto… let me get my knife that I carry around with me everywhere and turn it into a candle holder

  2. What happens to the fish if it’s spray paint witch has CHEMICALSin it

  3. Yeah guys sooo the sun is too bright : Oh is that some tape and a sharpie better colour it and make them like sun glasses,you know imma tape it to my FACE

  4. Women of “old jeans” have to shave her hands ;-;

  5. 4:12 You do know God gave you something called hands to pick those up rather than wasting your energy and time making something useless

    And I have a pretty simple hack for 5:50: Use a spoon! Now how hard is that??

  6. The head phone hack is called AirPods

  7. Girl sitting on the couch eating off of a toilet seat

    her friend walks in??????
    turns around and runs out the door

  8. Yes because if getting up in the middle of the night doesn't scare you enough you would love to see a pair of jeans

  9. Apple – Behind the Mac- international wemans day: we tell girls to srink themselves- mE: no one ever said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Poor fish… No filter, no form of air, and no room to grow so sad to see people thinking animal abuse is ok

  11. 4:40 bây giờ mà làm thế này nó bắt cách ly chết

  12. i could not be able to resist the feeling that there was a toilet seat around her neck while she was eating

  13. We arent lazy, were on energy daving mode. Theres a difference

  14. Was that cool when she came with an idea when she put her fish in that thing

  15. 7:29 ja sollen wir jetzt bei dem hack erst alle chips rausholen und dann er den magneten reintun oder was?😅🤦‍♀️

  16. They always repeat the Hacks…There is ntg special in this Channel 😑😬😒

  17. am I the only one that watches it but never does it, ngl

  18. U just showed people how to rob at 9.03

  19. The last one lol they just drew sun glasses on threw them on there eye balls like no prob lamo

  20. 5:54 or, u can just buy a spoon

  21. I wonder how much they get paid to look like idiots 🧐

  22. 7:45 yOu could just flip it and get it.?? 😂😂😂

  23. Gyuuuuuuu wow.



  24. 5:45 there's something called a spoon

  25. Hmmm, extra space in the fridge…i noticed there were no shelves in there, i know that takes up space, but theres gotta be a better use for the empty space at the top of the fridge than just a few coke bottles

  26. DO NOT TRY THE FIRST “hack” You WILL DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Oh sure you have duck tape but no spoon

  28. 2:23 de anlayamadigim tek sey kadin neden koluna tuy surulmeden uyuyamiyo??

  29. 6:01 lol or just put the shelves back in there

  30. Jeans are too big?

  31. 9:03 or ya know you could just pay

  32. Yea let me just put tape around my eyes

  33. This is plagiarism they stole the Pringle’s one from Joseph’s machines

  34. Wer isst auch sein Joghurt mit einer Gabel????? Oder macht seine Jeans mit einer Plastiktüte enger??????

  35. 9:08 and that, my friends, is how you steal clothing. How does the cashier forget to take it off…?

  36. 5:58 * casually takes out knife*

  37. Oh yes I love putting my food on a toilet seat!

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