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4K Virtual Walk along Tradition Lake Loop Trail, Issaquah – Short Preview Video

Relax from hustle and bustle of the city! This 4K preview video will bring you to a sun-lit forest and give you the opportunity to relax with nature! Enjoy pretty forest views and nature sounds along the Tradition Lake Loop Trail located near Issaquah, Washington State! Brighten up your day with beautiful nature scenes in 4K and soothing birds singing! You will see lots of lush emerald ferns, fallen tree trunks, old-growth trees and resting areas covered with lush greenery… Don’t miss a chance to admire the views of wonderful high trees providing great shade on a sunny day. Continue your walk and take in the spectacular views of Lake Sammamish! Feel the tranquility of the lovely lake and enjoy the forest beauty in this green area! Not any soul around you! Only you and a great forest full of natural beauty! Enjoy this lovely easy hike without leaving your couch! Turn your black TV into a gorgeous window to nature!

Video from: Tradition lake loop trail Issaquah, Washington State, USA
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Equipment used: DJI Osmo Pocket
Video type: preview
Filmmaker: Roman Khomlyak
Editor: Artur Skorobagatskiy
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

Make time for a lovely forest walk while watching this 4K video from https://www.beautifulwashington.com and https://www.proartinc.net

Plan your next hike! Get surrounded by the natural beauty of Washington State! The sounds of the forest, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the calm surface of the lake — these things can give you a sense of harmony and comfort. The forest walks always help us to relax and to think more clearly. Turn on 4K nature walking tours on our 4K Relaxation Channel and restore your mood whenever you need it! Take your time, enjoy the gorgeous forest and improve your mental health with green therapy in 4K Ultra HD!

Wait for the full nature walking tour on Tuesday!

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  1. Fake sound. Birds sounds wont fade away.

  2. Nice…video

    Please tell me…monetization on in your channel

  3. 🌺Lovely soundscape. Can't wait for the
    full video. Looks like a great forest walk. Must have been a joy to film. -Henry

  4. Can't wait to watch the full video!

  5. it's very beautiful , relax sounds of nature !! thanks bro

  6. The natural sounds in this video are so calming

  7. Beautiful, looking forward to the full video. Take care xx

  8. Great video really not bad!
    I who bring this relaxing music format I know how difficult it can be to choose the music and the video to insert, for example I in every video I insert images of cities and landscapes in 4k, I hope this advice can be useful to you 🙂

  9. Amazing video simply adorable cute and relaxing it's peaceful nature at it's beautiful sight!

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