5 Genius DIY life Hacks

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  1. Prawdopodobnie szybciej znajdę termita i nauczę go robić dziury tam, gdzie ja chcę… Probably faster I'll find and teach termite how to make holes where I want to…

  2. I like this hack. It is the same as watching cooking programs on TV. I will never get to cook those dishes or eat them in a restaurant, but the process is entertaining. The same goes for this. Please do not stop making these videos, some of us do appreciate it.

  3. that's it ! not watching any more genius hack videos

  4. =hack my fingers off with a grinder

  5. Stupid worthless much ado about nothing…

  6. You can buy wooden plug cutters……the same amount of time spent at my job would let me buy something much better than this. Third world magic……..

  7. I will say, genius in some regions of the world…. But we have Harbor Freight

  8. my grandfather would do the nail thing at 0.50 but would do it where he was putting the nail in so the head started the nail hole .


  10. How meney time's have you went the er !

  11. You can buy tools to do most, if not all, of these things. And I am not sure if cost of tools that much more than cost of materials used here. So, once you factor in what value you put on your time – and that the manufactured tools MAY BE BETTER – not sure exactly what this is saving you. I watched this because I saw another video by this guy and it had at least one idea I thought was useful: using your drill to twist wires together. This can be useful by itself (sometimes need a stiff but flexible wire) and/or he used it to make a customized size cylindrical brush. That was something I was needing. None of these seem all that useful.

  12. I'm not sure you know what the definition of genius is because it certainly isn't this! This shit couldn't get any more random!

  13. At 5:07 thanks for showing its the butt of your drill, impressive….

  14. Las ideas mas estupidas inutiles e inserbibles que veras en tu vida

  15. Waste my time. It's just dumb ideas, not hack.

  16. All that trouble and time to make a brace? Just go to Home Depot and buy one. What is so genius about this hack?

  17. Dumb. Just cheaper to buy the real thing

  18. Life hacks for idiots, go out and buy the right tool you need, or fixing bracket, life's too short to mess around with these pointless ideas….

  19. A bag of 100 wood plugs cost £2. Not worth the effort making that tool.

  20. You need to change the name to " I'm too cheap to buy inexpensive wood plugs so I waste time making my own." It amazes me what people think is GENIUS!

  21. Русский человек с такими идеями рождается )))

  22. those plug cutters work great. I "made" mine at a flea market for $5. It took way less time to "Make" mine than these did, and I have 4 sizes.

  23. the bent nail one was a pretty good idea.

  24. these hack are garbage I could do better with less tools and I would not anyway cuz these hacks are usless

  25. Where are the "genius" life hacks? I saw guys making things that they can buy for less money than the tools it takes to make the "things".

  26. Dude, it took many strikes for that nail to go in, please get to the gym!

  27. maybe for 1980 ….it was wow.

  28. So the nail being bent over and drove into the wood…if you have ever heard the phrase 'Dead as a door nail' …that's what that is. When old carpenters made barn doors with nails not screws. You would nail all the door together and bend over the nails and drive them DEAD into the wood on the back side.

  29. Wawooooo
    Only this is good idea no matter cheap or buying tnx love it.

  30. Pues serán muy listos pero….. No utilizan nada de seguridad cuando usan la miniesmeriladora.

  31. 00:48 what did that guy do different?

  32. Que mal trabajo y Pésimas prácticas de seguridad

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