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5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger

Travel blogger, Nikki Vargas, of The Pin the Map Project (voted top 100 travel blog in 2015) shares her best tips to getting started as a travel blogger and launching a travel site.

This video is first in an upcoming series of “Blog Tips” videos explaining how to become a professional travel blogger!

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  1. Why am I not seeing very many travel bloggers… like. At all?

  2. Mam please reply me..I hv pg degree in chemistry and I want to make traveling my carriar … suggest me the possible way..

  3. You exactly look like Eva Zu Beck👌 she is also a youtuber, you both look like twins 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I'm also wanna be a travel blogger.. Coz I love to travel 😘

  5. Thank you so much for the very informative guide..I like it so much…it makes me to pursue my travel blogs..I will do it in my channel..thank you so much

  6. Amazing info truly motivational

  7. Late to the party as I just discovered your videos, really enjoy watching them! You are a great story teller! Im looking into starting my own travel blog so your tips are really useful! I actually like the background music, it gives the video some atmosphere. Can you tell me what the music is? Happy holidays!

  8. Background music is louder than your voice

  9. Thnx for this video it’s really helpful I really to become a travel blogger

  10. It took a whole lot of scrolling to find a short but very informative video on this, thanks girl! All the other videos are about 30 mins long w no real educational content lol

  11. Hey nikki im muneeb from pakistan please visit pakistan

  12. Hi there new subscriber/newbie vlogger here.
    Thank you for sharing your vlogging ideas/tips..
    Love to see more of you,keep sharing..
    More power to your channel.

  13. wow thanks your 5 steps of travel bloggers.. i takenote your advice about this vedio thanks a lot.


  15. I’m so impatient 😒

  16. This was nice and inspiring…. question is it possible to start without money? Im very intrigued but have nothing to spend to get started, I need some inspiration & resources please and thank you i can be contacted at latoya32pooh@gmail.com hope to hear some good help please

  17. The music is too loud and distracting. Wth

  18. I want to be a travel vlogger soon!
    small youtuber here!👋

  19. Hearing your story and the succes you made really inspires me to try my best and make my travel passion my dream! Thank you and hope you have wonderful travels 😀

  20. Thanks for the video 🙂 have one question, is it necessary to start blog on these platforms u mentioned .Just YouTube and instagram are not enough to be successful?

  21. I see you're carrying a Nikon. Give us advice on your travel bag to carry?

  22. First step of not ruining your video blog – AVOID LOUD BACKGROUND NOISE…

  23. Thanks Nikki, you have explained that very well. I also want to be a travel blogger and I'm sure it will help me👍🤗

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