Amazing lifehacks that can change a girls life

For all of you lovely girls out there, we have a brilliant video compilation for you were we show you some of our best and most effective lifehacks that will change your life. In this video compilation, we show you some amazing top secrets you can use if you are a plus size girl that will make you look even more gorgeous. In addition, we show you some awesome things you can create using cardboard boxes, for example, we show you how to create a pyramid shoe rug or even a vanity stand for all your toiletries.

If you are a plus size girl, we have some brilliant tips for you that you can try!
– If you are working out and your thighs are touching, then you might notice some redness and irritation in that area. Well, you can use baby powder in order to prevent irritation. The baby powder will dry out your skin and it will prevent any further irritation.
– If you are going on a night out with your girlfriends or your partner and you can’t find your girdle to put on with your dress, then don’t worry, you can use cling-film instead.
– You can also use a hair tie to button up your jeans if they’ve got smaller.

All of us have some cardboard boxes lying around in our houses one way or the other. Sometimes, we don’t even know how they got there, so, in this video, we show you how you can turn your cardboard boxes into useful items inside your house with minimal effort. This way you won’t have to buy any new storage items for everything. You can create your own using our demonstration tutorials.
– We show you how you can turn your iPhone case into a cool lipstick container/storage for your vanity.
– We show you how to turn a shoe box into a two-level vanity display that can hold all of our creams, perfumes, and deodorants. This way they will be easily accessible right after you shower.
– We also demonstrate a cool step-by-step tutorial on how to turn a plain cardboard box into a pyramid shoe rack.
– In addition to those tips, we also show you how you can turn a few cereal boxes into a stationary stand for all your important documents and stationery.

If you have some baking soda in your house, then we show you how man different uses you can get out of it.
– You can use baking soda to whiten your teeth. You’ll; simply need to mix it with some toothpaste.
– You can use baking soda to polish your silver
– You can use it as a remedy to get rid of dark armpits
– You can even use it to exfoliate your skin and get rid of whiteheads on your nose.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our useful girly lifehacks to you can re-create in no time. We show you some awesome hacks you can do using baking soda that you didn’t know they actually worked. In addition, we show you how many different ways exist that you can tie a scarf and many more hacks using chalk.

0:06 – Cool hacks for plus-size girls
1:13 – DIY girdle hack
2:10 – Ways to re-use cardboard boxes
2:42 – DIY vanity storage
3:05 – DIY shoe rug
4:47 – Cute DIY stationary container
7:07 – Cool hacks using baking soda
8:06 – Get rid of blood stains from your clothes
8:46 – Get rid of dark armpits
9:20 – How to make your own exfoliator
10:33 – Awesome ways to tie a scarf
13:39 – Cool hacks using chalk
14:23 – How to get rid of oil stains from your shoes
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