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6 Life Saving Hacks for Busy Parents!! Blossom

We are so excited for Disney Junior’s animated series Mira, Royal Detective, premiering Friday, March 20th on Disney Junior!

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  1. Now days kids are not dumb they knows everything😏😏😏😅😅😅

  2. and he is old enough to open the door

  3. Blossom:0:14(puts tape in the speaker of the car ). Me: CAN’T YOU JUST TAKE OFF THE BATTERY!!!

  4. Okay the hack when you tripped and had a dirty spot on your pants does work but when your in
    Public how can you even take your pants of in public 😂😂😂 and scrub it ??????????😅😅🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Can I asked? How to get rid of permanent marker stain on the sofa?

  6. I thought the ice cream drip was peroid blood at first

  7. You can erase sharpie on surfaces ya know

  8. I think the kid is too old to be that dumb to know they’re drinking medicine

  9. Yup
    Lemme take my pants off at the park
    No one will see my underwear, duh

  10. That kid who spilled his drink and laughed like a maniac is a freaking sociopath or something 😁

  11. 0:39 what kid can’t taste the difference between medicine and juice???

  12. The girl looks like his sister and the boy look he's able to taste the medicine

  13. Ur hacks are too good💖💖.can u guys plz make some hijab hacks

  14. 10:08 Would it still stay on the shirt after washing?

  15. 0:37
    Ah yes, they’ll never know…. unless they see you doing it!
    Or if they can taste the difference between juice and medicine.

  16. Bache h ullu nahi 😅🤣😂

  17. Чего то грызут сомнения что жуйку кокосовым маслом можно из волос достать…

  18. أفكار رائعة وجميلة 😍😍

  19. 0:03 the way that kid licks his popsicle is giving me the creeps

  20. I’m kinda tired of seeing the same thing after a few new hacks which I know it’s hard hard to come up with new hacks but it gets old

  21. 3 things we'll never know:
    1. Who let the dogs out
    2. What does the fox say
    3. What spice girls want

  22. I wonder how they made this video “hey just spill your serial real quick” “Hey kids come draw on the walls”

  23. This stuff is only for girls. Nothing for boys there. Nothing for dads to do either And I think it is easier and faster to buy most of the things anyway.
    Cheating the boy to drink the medicine is not good and he will notice the lie.

  24. Gotta give this one to the Fidget spinner

  25. 2:08. Umm. I don’t think toothpaste is that watery

  26. Your kid is too big to be pampered! At his age I stole my grandpa's cigarette.

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