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7 Genius Hair Styling Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!

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Hello, my loves and welcome to another hair hack video! So this hair hack video is a little different from what you’re used to seeing…this one is all about hair styling hacks…basically, any hair hacks that can take your hair styling game to the next level with some easy tips and tricks! I really hope you guys enjoy this video! I would love to know what you think in the comments below (no hate, please – positive vibes only)! Xx

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  1. LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!!! Easy and impressive!!!!!!! Can't wait to try some of these styles on my beautiful daughter!!!

  2. i like the last one that you made
    why cause i love hair buns

  3. LOVE the last bun one!!!! OMGGGG, I've been waiting for a bun back that'll make my bun look HUH-YUUUUUUGE!!! My hair is waist length but very fine and soft and just doesn't make full updos or big styles without a bunch of heavy, hot clipins, which I have and loooooove but in summer, they are SWELTERING HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! SOOOO….. thank you, girl!!!!!!! 😊😄

  4. I love the last one❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  6. you ate just incredible 🙂

  7. That is so a cool Video!

  8. I Love the Last one cause I'm always trying to create doughnut buns or sock buns

  9. I love the bun hack so much!!!!

  10. I love the bun one because I have short hair and it makes my hair look very long

  11. I love them all. I found some for my daughter and a wedding I'm attending. Thank You 😉

  12. 5th hack is the super simple braid with easy steps!! It worked and I absolutely love it! 💙

  13. ok if I'm honest my jaw dropped 18 times and it's still open. is that healthy!?

  14. I absolutely love your channel! Up until I started watching your videos I could never do much with my thick dry hair, and now I can put it into all sorts of brilliant designs! Thank you so much 😊

  15. I think every one of these are brilliant! +Fancy Hair I love your channel!

  16. I am watching this and I am like " girl how many Bobbie pins do you even have " like i lose all of mine in the first week of getting them!?😂😂

  17. really amazing hairstyles 😍😍

  18. very interesting fast styling for everyday life

  19. She looks like the mean sister on Ever After. :3

  20. I LOVE your videos. My hair is down to my hips and I'm always looking for fun but easy ways to style it. Great job!

  21. is just amazing ..seems to by easy,i will try it

  22. Why are so many of these braids? :/

  23. number 7 I really want to try

  24. I'm diffently going to be doing the fo braid fishtail looking 1 and the bun trick thank you for the tips

  25. hi Oliver hack number 4😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😄😄

  26. Amazing all of them I love it <3

  27. i wanted a high fat bun look and i tried ur hack that was wonderful i didnt stop making this hairstyle this is my everyday routine noy u gorgeous niki

  28. surely gonna try hack 5 2day itself!! 😋😘

  29. you are greatttt hair stylist♡

  30. AHHHHHHMAAAAAAAAZZZZZZD!!! Im a nurse with butt-length hair- but not really straight shiny pretty hair- its kinda confused and frizzy and doesnt like product or heat…. these hacks will make me look like the full makeup cheerleader type girls with hardly any effort at all!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  31. you have got a new subscriber

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