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72 HOURS IN HAVANA CUBA! Travel Guide 2018 (+ Advice & Cost)

Welcome to my 72 hour city break in Havana Cuba, in this series I share my itinerary in the hope of inspiring your next trip! Expand for Links & Info.
PAST EPISODES: https://goo.gl/188W22

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Luca’s La Mar house: https://goo.gl/U1joUn
Get in touch with Luca: luca.corpaci@libero.it (no time wasters please)
Luca’s car tours/airport pickup: http://www.elalmendronrosado.com/taxi-tours/

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Potato Jet (really helpful)
His cost video/trip vlog: https://youtu.be/eV-CqmVMHTQ
His advice for US travellers: https://youtu.be/SalQJCv8rQ0

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– Walked down the Malecón
– Car tour with Luca to get our bearings
– Fusterlandia art installation
– Old Havana Town wandering on around Obispo
– Plaza Vieja Square
– Dinner at El Front
– Wifi in Cuba
– Museum of the Revolution
– La Corona Cigar Factory Tour
– Drinks on Hotel Ingleterre roof
– Dinner ar 5 Equinas on Espanada street

– Ernest Hemingway Home
– Rum Factory Tour
– Museum of Fine Arts
– Trinidad (expensive to get to though)
– Havana’s Beaches
– To eat La Concinero and go to Fabrica des Artes next door
– Jazz clubs

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  1. OOOPS I forgot to add our accommodation costs! That was $75 each total for three nights. I hope you enjoyed coming on this relaxed personal trip with my boyfriend and I ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Great video. Thanks for the info. I'm going in a month from USA Alabama from airfare in Atlanta. Just wish you were my girlfriend. You smoked my computer monitor. Jeez.

  4. You very beautiful 🌷❤️

  5. Heading to Havana from Scotland next week. I have watched many vlogs and found yours very informative. Put me at ease about getting money ext if we run out. Can't wait to go!

  6. How did you manage to fly a drone?

  7. Do you have the info for the air Bnb where the bed rolls to the terrace???? I want to go there

  8. Recently came back from two beautiful weeks in Cuba and I honestly wanted to cry when leaving. Cuba is the most special place on Earth! I miss it so much! I would go back in an instant! ❤️

  9. El Comandante Trump needs to muster a coalition of nations to mobilize an actual blockade on the terror sponsoring narcotrafficing totalitarian regime in Cuba. It's what worked in SA and will work with Cuba. The only embargo that exists on the Cuban people is the one imposed by the illegitimate government that has for sixty years denied the Cuban people basic human rights and is only becoming more repressive with every step towards normalizing relations.Every other nation in the world trades freely with cuba, and every American product is made available , mostly for tuorists via offshore American subsidiaries. Before President Trump, Obama bent over and gave them everything he could  by law via executive order,(and got nothing in return) but he could not undo Helms Burton , codified by congress after the cold blooded Murder of 4 unarmed American Citizens and one US Resident, in International waters. My Family in Cuba supports our efforts to deny the regime any money. For starters we are asking every one in the world to Not send any remittances and cease all visits to the island for the month of January 2020. We will show the Cuban government that the 4million Cuban's in the US who send over 6 Million dollars a year to our families, demand respect for human rights and the release of all political prisoners on the island. Free and fair elections and we will be heard. Please support the 11 million hostages in Cuba who yearn to be FREE. Who have no voice.60 yrs of a misery and dehumanization is enough     https://youtu.be/qhxpYmlERGk

  10. I watch somevAmerican folks happier living and visiting in comunist paradises like Cuba, no doubt you must be a liberal.

  11. Nice Video and informative! I'll be in Cuba by next week. So excited! 🙂

  12. how did you do the drone shots, I'm curious ?

  13. how did you get drone clips? heard they don't allow tourist carrying drones in

  14. No problem for non Spanish speakers?

  15. My goodness!
    Has anyone ever told you how incredibly, breathtakingly, loin-stirringly, painfully beautiful you are?

  16. Nice vlog! I love watching Cuba! If you want you could also check out my vlogs about Viñales, Havana and Varadero 🙂 Viñales was our favorite!! 🙂

  17. Awesome travel blog on Cuba! Thanks

  18. Whats the name of the airport you landed in cuba?

  19. The currency in cuba its the same here in the Philippines they're uses Peso.

  20. It seems like you had some drone shots?? I thought its not allowed in cuba?

  21. you need to go to la flor de loto like thats an amazing restaurant i remember going there when i was little when i lived in cuba

  22. great video been to cuba 12x best beaches and nightlife 🙂

  23. Hello love,
    I must say your videos are breathtaking and so beautiful. I love the sound of your voice, please keep those videos coming. I was so impressed with the Cuba trip you made. My husband is Cuban we really enjoyed watching that video you made. You’re awesome and I’m glad I came across your channel. Love Olga ❤️

  24. Half of someone’s heart is here in Havana ooh nana

  25. excellent video! how are you able to fly a drone there?

  26. Hello Tar Mar…how do I book Luka's airbnb? The one that has the ocean view…

  27. Hey! This is really cool! Loved Havana, heading down to the seafront for the sun setting was great with the music on the streets! I've just done a blog on Havana after seeing this to share what I thought, let me know what you think 🙂 https://thenoseynomad.home.blog/2019/04/04/havana-nights/

  28. I've heard it's not permitted to take a drone to Cuba. How did you get you drone shots? Did you do it on the sly and/or seek permission?

  29. Tar Mar Thanks again for a great video. The latin music is perfect!

  30. it's a nice place food looks good 😎

  31. 80% video is she talking in the camera! What's the point!

  32. Did it cost you extra to ride in your host's car around the city? And also did it cost extra for him to pick you up at the airport?

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