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85] Dodging STORMS | Life At Sea In WINTER

We’re dodging STORMS once again. Sailing in low season means running from storms almost all the time.
This video was filmed in October 2019.

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  1. Skua really handles the higher winds and seas quite well, if you don't mind a bit of healing. Love how your engine starts up so quickly too! I have been wondering about just what it is that you kids do for "work"? I know it has something to do with your computers, so is it some sort of programming our code writing? What ever it is, you seem to be able to find work at most of the ports you go to, making money as you travel on. Once you have made the Big crossing , will you still be able to do the same kind of work? Hopefully so. Love watching you kids working so well together and enjoying one another's company.

  2. Yayyy!!!! I finally got up to date with you guys! Hi to you both, Ive been loving your videos and was pissed off when those guys hit your boat and then their insurance wouldnt cover your repairs. That sucked!!!!

  3. What was the passage planning application you referred to?

  4. Jus a comment to help the numbers. Nice video, hope your wedding went off without a hitch 🙂

  5. You both work hard for your channel. But it looks so relaxed. That's what they call professionalism! You are keeping some of us lockeddown people sane!

  6. Brilliant video as always guys. Best bit about sailing is watching and hearing the water rush past the leeward side of the boat when under sail. Great to see you using harnesses for deck work when underway. I was always concerned that my wife would not be able to get me back on board if I fell overboard.
    Heard flapping halyards at the end of the video. I used to tie mine with short bits of line. It stopped wear and makes for a quieter life.
    Just at the moment with the Lockdown I walk down the river at the top of Poole harbour. So many boats not allowed to be used. Frustrating for the owners especially as the weather has been really good.

  7. En espagnol: eebeeza not eyebeeza. 😉

  8. Thank you for another excellent vid.
    And Elena…….. you really have become a very capable sailor. Great job.

  9. I’m still watching that tiller adaptation. The open cockpit is teasing me.

  10. Don’t have to watch the video to know it’s going to be excellent. Can’t miss the content tho! ☺️

  11. I have a suspicion that your temporary chain plates are sturdier than your previous permanent chain plates.

  12. Love the actual sailing, planning, logic information that you provide. Here's a greenhorn question: Is your your wind display set for true wind? Is that the common approach…. have the instrument show true and the display indicate apparent? You've probably covered this in a previous video, but how do get your offshore weather data (satellite, SSB)? What grib source do you use? For the new folks it seems like a rubic's cube of choices; like many I am price sensitive. Eventually I've got to get my head around it all. I have an ICOM 802 w/ Pactor modem that I am slowly beginning to get my head around. If your time is limited, shine my questions, and enjoy where ever you are. I'll be a big boy and figure it out, haha!

  13. Looks like you timed that perfectly! Good luck with your editing.

  14. I can't decide about the MED as a cruising ground . It's clearly got some wonderful places but the sailing seem to vary so much? The super yacht seen is clearly something completely different that I don't really have much interest in as it's so far removed from the real world but it's part of the whole experience I guess.There is the eastern end and Greece which is really a whole different area . It would be interesting if you did a video about the Med and how you found it. Prehaps before you get to far into your Caribbean experience. Cheers Warren

  15. Red sky at night sailors delight. Red sky at night sailors take warning. 🙂

  16. Great video it seems that your boat can really handle lots of wind…Thank you for sharing your adventures

  17. Great video guys, loved the sunset shots 😍

  18. My I make a suggestion regarding reefing? Reduce the tension on the halyard enough to fully put in the reef so that the clew is touching the boom. Only then re-tension the main halyard. You'll have much cleaner reef. I really enjoy your videos.

  19. Hi guys, keep up the good work- Mahi Mahi are great eating fish! But you can’t lift them out of the water onto the deck from the hook, same with tuna. They can’t support their body weight from the mouth, the hook will always pull out… So, make yourself a Gaff like this from an old paint roller or something similar.


    Bring the fish up to the side of your yacht and gaff them with this to pull them up onto the deck- you’ll get the best success rate then!

  20. Another Quality video guys ! Your subs are taking off now like i thought they would, keep up the good work !

  21. Elena, that's a LOVELY Top. Flowery WITHOUT being too gaudy or Hippified, lol…Ryan, I been doing some Mental engineering on your anchor windlass, LOL. I keep thinking about an electric motor on the deck Aft of it with a Flywheel in place of a pulley, and an eccentric connecting rod(s) going to the Handle base on the windlass, so you could have a Powered Windlass…Just take the handle out and stow it close by for Emergency, or when the Power is Low Aboard…I know, a new windlass would be less nonsense, but I'm CHEAP, and like to Get things Done with little or preferably NO Money, LOL…

  22. SO glad you fixed the luff tension at :5:24 😊

  23. Good Morning from Land in Ottawa. Can you tell us what software you are using for plotting your courses and wind/weather mapping?

  24. Nice video to wake up to . Thanks for sharing hope all is good with guys

  25. Bonjours vous deux. Naviguer en méditerranée en hiver n'est pas évident mais les paysages rencontrés sont magnifiques. Les touristes moins nombreux laissent l’accès à des coins paradisiaques inaccessible pendant la haute saison. Merci de continuer de nous faire rêver en ces temps compliqués. Prenez soin de vous.

  26. Thank you once again hope all is good..??? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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