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After 10 days of vipassana – our experience // WorldWide W4nderers Travel Blog

On the 100th day of our journey we entered Dhamma Tarai Centre next to Birganj, to join a 10 days vipassana meditation course. We had to obey strict rules, but in the end we feel that every moment was worth it. Find out how we felt during these 10 days, and how it effected us in a positive way.

Az utazásunk 100. napján beléptünk a birganji Dhamma Tarai Centerbe, hogy részt vegyünk egy 10 napos vipassana meditációs tanfolyamon. Rengeteg szigorú szabályt be kellett tartanunk, de a végére úgy érezzük, hogy minden pillanat megérte. A videóban megtudhatod, hogyan éltük meg ezt a 10 napot, és mivel gazdagodtunk a végére.


We are a group of 4 friends from Budapest, Hungary. On September 24th, 2019 we left behind our everyday lives to fulfill our dream of travelling. Our backpacking journey is going to be 10 months long and we will explore India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. We want to share the wonders of travelling with likeminded people and hopefully we can inspire others to do as we did.


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  1. mine was supposed to be today,i was very eager and waited so long for it..until they decided not to let foreign people come to the retreat just days before it started because of "the Corona Situation"
    even though i have not left the country even before the virus was discovered 🙂

  2. You young people are truly inspiring. I'll be attending my 1st vp retreat in a couple weeks. Your words have given me comfort about it. Bless you all.

  3. Would be better if you remove the music.

  4. You are travellers here but you just found the way to life⛵.
    (Best of luck👍)

  5. You guys looks so young and have already started learning about life and peace ☮️. Amazing

  6. I just finished my 2nd one about 2 weeks ago! The secret to long term success is to keep up with the practice; I have maintained 2 hours daily for about 8 months… Hope you guys continue : )
    With metta,

  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience of Vipassana course. I did my last 10 day vipassana meditation course last year in Shelburne MA, its amazing experience at the end of the course. I can say that Vipassana gave me life changing tool to handle day to day problems or any other challenges. Wish you great time ahead to rest of your traveling.

  8. You guys now she read the gita and eventually upanishads.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing you experience.

  10. Why don't you upload regular videos. Are you guys still in Goa?? When will you upload your Goa vlog. Really excited for your next vlog.

  11. "…Vipassana is a meditation technique introduced by the Gotham Buddha more than 2,500 years ago…" I appreciate that truthful acknowledgement, which almost have forgotten or decided not to mention it. Yes it has commercialised to various forms. Buddha never seek acknowledgement, attention or gratitude as he left his teaching for all mankind. But sadly we try to erase the history even in this day and age with the internet. Long long time ago in the 60s 70s hippie era, without any mobile phone, phones, TVs all the hippies had a better understanding of teachings and history. That is the saddest irony. Nevertheless many thanks for the wonderful introduction by a younger European person. Hope Vipassana has brought peace to you life, for better understanding of the true nature of our existence.

    The original Buddha's sermon or Sutta of this called Satthipattana Sutta. This has two forms of meditation: Samatha and Vipassana. The English translation of the Sutta and critique can be found on Bhikku Analayo's "Satthipattan Sutta" a German Theravada Buddist monk's PhD dissertation, It is freely available on PDF online or one can buy the book. He is a scholarly monk

  12. happy to see youths practicing vipassanā bhāvanā 🙂

  13. Good luck guys to find what meaning of life..I wish all the best for you in sha Allah

  14. I believe that course is the best undertaking you could take during this trip and I’m really proud of you guys you had the courage not to escape. Wish you all the best for the next chapter of the journey! Take care✌️

  15. great job guyzz… keep going… keep moving

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