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ALBANIA's Best Kept Secret – The Balkans Travel Vlog

We went from Tirana to Shkodër to discover one of my favourite places in the Balkans! This is a great little town to visit in Albania, especially if you’re on the way to Montenegro. We also watched some of the World Cup with other local people.

This is from a trip I did with my Mum through The Balkans in the summer of 2018. I didn’t publish them at the time because I wanted to catch up on my posting schedule and so I ended up skipping a whole bunch of videos. Now I have the chance to catch up and share them with you!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed this video and are enjoying this series!
    England through to the Quarter Finals against Sweden – who do you think will win? 😱

  2. Congratulations on 200k!!!

    It's amazing milestone.
    We have been watching you grow for some time
    Greetings from the UK!

  3. looks like a cool city to explore

  4. Is it though? Bit boring to be fair

  5. Im considering going here in August (if my trip to Asia in July is cancelled and if we can travel in August). I want to backpack across all the Balkan states!!

  6. Can't wait until you go back to Albania and see more . I think you'll enjoy the beaches in the south. Thank you for posting these old videos .

  7. Jord, this trip into Albania had that relaxing vibe. Your mum has a wicked sense of humor, cannot wait for the next video. Thanks for sharing very uplifting.

  8. My home city. The ancient capital of Illyria.

  9. Keep well and keep the vlogs coming.

  10. Skhoder looks a really cool place, definitely need to check it out. I think England will definitely draw Albania or Montenegro in a qualifier again soon.

    Also just talking about that penalty shootout win over Colombia gave me goosebumps haha.

  11. Mother and Son traveling together ! Very nice . And also very good choices of destination . God bless you .

  12. Thank you Jordan. The city of Shkoder holds thousands of years of history. Much love, God bless.

  13. Great channel. Please Make More. Also, Let’s build each other Up xD

  14. Buddy, great to Shkoder again, the food there was out of this world-particularly the Balkan food. Pity you did not get to see the castle outside of town…oh not going to reveal England`s outcome…

  15. OMG Albania is beautiful place and thanks😊😊😊🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  16. Albania is such a beautiful country! ❤️ I love the Balkansb

  17. I like you soumaya from moroco 😍😘

  18. you're my new favorite travel vlogger! Amazing stuff

  19. Love to see where your channel has gotten, such an inspiration to my own! Looks like a beautiful place

  20. Thumbs up on another Albania video! What did you like and not like about this country?

  21. I wanna start traveling just like you man .Such an Inspiration man I wanna start Traveling and Vlogging 🤩🤩🤩. Just gotta question What Cammera/ Equipment do you use ?

  22. awesome content I loved it

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