1. 鉄を焼いて曲げるのはアホのやる事

  2. Love it when they weld over paint!

  3. I still wouldn’t be putting my fingers anywhere near that thing lol.

  4. A good idea – just needs refining …make the 'hook' from hardened steel

  5. I half expected that you would cut the hook from the end if the I-beam and remove a tab from each.

  6. Plot twist : what he did was in purpose, to makes us remember that safety is got to be the first thing you have to consider before start work in something at high risk.

  7. Franks been fiddle fuckin around with that bottle jack for 3 hrs!.. tell him to get his ass back in the sea can and unload those pallets!"

    "..I dunno he said something about it being too unlevel to walk around in safely?"

  8. Покуда ролик смотрел, "зайцев" нахватался…

  9. I like the fact that your crafty as hell. Equipment failure is normal you can't win them all the time nice job

  10. Soudeur professionnel . Super travail !

  11. The arc will go through the bearing making it unturnable very quickly. No sense wasting the time on a otherwise nice table.

  12. Потому что надо было отпустить метал хорошо!

  13. Automotive floor jack on the perpendicular side of the shipping container would be a lot easier

  14. This is why OSHA exists in America..

  15. spring is the wrong steel for that job do not quench hot, includes paint, and you see the discoloration on edge that was a crack already
    get a block of wood , not concrete it crumbles and deteriorates under that kind of weight

  16. si usas esa viga doble T que tienes como yunque. y solo le cotas dos tramos ya tienes esa pieza que parece una z seta

  17. las personas tienen los ojos pero no ven

  18. Jokes on the critics. He just pulled $6 of stuff out of the garbage and got 2.6 million views.

  19. 19 fucken minutes of hell and it just breaks anyways in the end. Bigger fucken let down then watching the newest bigfoot video out there. Think I'd return your "reinforced steel" and buy some playdoh instead nipple nuts

  20. I'm at 3:47 and already debating taking my own life having to sit thru this painstaking shit ass video are you gonna fucken make something soon there hoss or do I just click on the next one

  21. Өтінемін. Қазақша..аударңздаршы

  22. Лучше использовать два домкрата

  23. God, I must stop watching this crap. 🥱

  24. if he would have welded the first one like he done the second he would have saved a lot of time, that is what you get from heating up the wrong steel the wrong way

  25. Going that high from ground will not protect u of #Covid-19 at all… 👻

  26. Muy mal hecho donde ésta el punto de apoyó estas reprobado gracias por tu buena intención

  27. è sufficiente una lamiera spessore 20 mm in Weldox 900. e ti risparmi pure le saldature e le pieghe a caldo…..
    a 20 mm thick sheet in Weldox 900 is enough. And you can also save yourself the welding and hot bending …..

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