It’s important to know how to cook basic things in order to sustain ourselves. But why not do it in style and put all our hearts into the cooking process in order to create delicious and simple meals. In this video, I show you some creative recipes you can try at home for a sweet treat.
I show you how to make pancake lollipops using skewers and layering them on top of each other like a pancake cake.
Another create trick, is to freeze a small blob of Nutella, or any type of hazelnut chocolate, add your pancake batter in the cooking pan, then add the chocolate piece and then add another layer of pancake batter on top. – This way you’ll make chocolate-filled pancakes for breakfast or in the afternoon.
I also show you how to use pancake dough to bake a delicious fruit cake in the oven.
For cake decorations, you can melt some marshmallows in the microwave and then stretch them out to add them on top of your cake. It will look like an abstract painting.
I also show you some amazing gift ideas for people that love sweets and treats. For example, you can cut Toblerone chocolate, and transform it into a spiky lollipop. Another alternative is to do the same with jellybeans.
Watch until the end to discover all of my awesome ideas for those who have a sweet tooth.

0:07 – Tasty pancake recipes
1:49 – How to decorate a cake using marshmallows
2:40 – How to make your own candy
4:08 – DIY marshmallow lollipops
5:44 – Delicious snickers chocolate milkshake
6:48 – DIY chocolate edible lip balm

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  8. I thought it was called pancake batter

  9. Why they say pancake dough it is batter

  10. 5 minute craft verry perfect😊😊😊😊👍👍👍

  11. Makes me jealous because i like pancakes and nutella

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  17. Nowadays 5 minutes craft take 50 minutes preparation lol😜😜

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  19. 1:35 Did they just show us how to make a waffle?🤣

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  21. Do people really eat like that??

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