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Americans Traveling to ROMANIA for the FIRST TIME! + Airport Horrors 😱 (Greece ✈️ Romania)

Bucharest, Romania, here we come! We had a BLAST exploring Greece, but we’re so excited to eat some Romanian food, show off Bucharest and explore some castles!

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  2. Wow, you guys talk so much.

  3. Settle in a 5 star hotel and you will have a new door

  4. I like Romanians but why do so many of them flee their country to move to Spain England. Italy. Romania is safe so why do they leave ? I read that Romania is losing its population big time

  5. What month was this video filmed? We are traveling in March of 2020.

  6. Hello. How may I contact you directly, for a cooperation or partnership? Daniel VR4Holiday.com

  7. I hope you will visit this country again.Is really cool and beautiful!

  8. Dumnezeu să protejeze viitoarea Republică Română, România
    O, Allah, binecuvântări și pace, binecuvântează, binecuvântează și răsplătește pe Mohamed, Mesagerul tău, Profetul

  9. If you are doubting going to Romania because of rumours about jeopardising your safety, I can tell you from my 8 years of experience that Romania, more specifically Bucharest, is truly one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to (that is if you don’t go into the neighbourhoods with a bad reputation, those being the neighbourhoods in the 5th sector, for example Ferentari, where gang violence and thefts often occur). It’s even safer than major touristic cities such as Paris or London. There aren’t really any pickpockets at all so you don’t have to worry about that either. Don’t listen to all the rumours, go for it and visit Romania!

  10. And that’s why you don’t fly with ryanair

  11. the notice on the lift said do not make noise with the door :))

  12. As a Romanian, I just want to share that the "sourness" of the sour soup is due to a special fermented wheat bran (called "borsh" in Romanian, not to be confused with the Russian "borscht"). It is supposed to be full of vitamins and very healthy. Not to mention yummy!

  13. Love the Ryan Air rant. They’re horrible and my wife and I refuse to fly with them anymore…not worth the hassle. Your vlogs are great btw!

  14. This is such and awesome video! I love your editing style! What a beautiful country!! My wife and I are starting a new travel channel! So if you guys like videos like this we're new and could always use some thoughts about our channel! Like, Comment, Subscribe! Thanks fellow travelers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCei–lx-qquCXomIrzWq1rQ/featured

  15. Ive been living in Romania for 15 years and i ve barely found any elevators that arent terrifying so i understand :))

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