Location: Hotel Landmark Plaza
National Highway 41, P.O. Chawakdipa. Haldia
Opp Ural Factory. Dighasipur. Haldia. West Bengal 721631
M: 9830212999, 9830288881
Special thanks to – Mr. Soumen Banerjee (Manager Hotel Landmark Plaza, Haldia)
Haldia, shares its border with the Haldi River and is one of the major ports near to Kolkata, offering one of the major places of foreign trade. Haldia demarcates itself featuring a combination of the beauty of historical monuments and bounty of nature. Mahishadal Rajbari, Goplajew Temple, Sataku (“Minijapan”),Tamluk Rajbari, Muktidam temple are few of the many places of tourist attractions in and around Haldia. Hotel Landmarc Plaza, one of the premium properties of Haldia, located 115 kms (approx) from Kolkata, goes a step further to pamper its guests with a lawn, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, indoor badminton court, squash court and a massive lawn with a Thai Spa to rejuvenate one’s experience to the utmost. Hotel Landmarc Plaza warmly welcomes all its guests and extends a hand out to make one’s vacation worth remembering with a perfect hospitality that one could ponder upon. Comprising of 22 room inventories Landmarc Plaza defines itself to build hospitality for the future making it one of the major destination resorts in Haldia which makes it a felicitous resort for weekend getaway, corporate events as well as destination marriages.
Single Deluxe: INR 2500/-
Double Deluxe: INR 3000/-
Superior Deluxe: INR 4000/-

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