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BALI on a BUDGET (Exotic Villa Tour)

Where to Stay in Bali (Exotic & Affordable Villa Tour)
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Showing you guys my recommendations on where to stay when traveling in Bali, Indonesia.

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos! Me and my fiancée really enjoy them and appreciate all the info you give! We’re planning our destination elopement and honeymoon so these videos help tremendously! 🙏🏾 sending good vibes to you my friend!

    – Alva & Pickles
    Austin, Texas 🌵

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  12. The rooms that is displayed in the video is showing from 45-75 a night with the link provided. not 35 as the video suggests

  13. Its called a mosquito net. It is used so you dont get bitten by mosquitoes

  14. I hope they don't modernize the place to much .

  15. You just go barefoot into a ricefield in Indonesia? 🤦🏻

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