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Bandana Face Mask- with hair ties- No Sewing DIY

No sew, easy to make!

Optional to add a coffee filter to face mask for an extra layer of protection.

Not medical grade. Will not 100% prevent any virus contamination. At the very least it will help you limit the spread of micro droplets emitted from mouth. Mask will serve as a reminder to not touch your nose and mouth area.

Hair tie size and material can be changed to fit individuals preference.

Bandana used for this video is approx 21”x21”. Bandana size may vary.

Use this video as inspiration to create your own mask that fits your needs!

✨THANK YOU for watching! Stay Safe!✨


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  1. My problem with the mask is I have a big beard and glasses. So I have to constantly deal with foggy glasses.

  2. So I had some old bra straps that works well to amd easy to tighten and loose so no braking of the hair bows

  3. Ir no mercado ainda e com a família é a mesma coisa e com meu irmão no mercado ainda e não tiver mais tempo pra ir no hospital agora a pouco eu chego
    Bea a mãe dela é o seu pai e com vc pra ir pra mim ir pra p

  4. This was the exact plan i had: the bandana, ponytail holders, and the coffee filters. I ended up removing the coffee filters because it made it a little hard to breathe. If you're like me…unable to see, and already have bandanas on hand, this is they way to go. Stay safe everyone, we're gonna get through this!

  5. Rolled off my little ears boo

  6. What's the coffee filter do?

  7. Ima try this with my grandma's knitted scarfs 👵🏼🧣

  8. Do you have the measurement for the bandana? I’m trying to make masks using other material , but using the size of these bandanas.

  9. Thank you so much for this simple and practical idea. I already have lots of bandanas and elastic hair ties. Be safe and be well everybody.

  10. Sweet, plus some chloroform 🥳🥳🥳😂😅🤣

  11. Wow I actually have all the items to make this. And it's washable which is a plus

  12. Bandana made in China 😱 lol jk

  13. I wished I saw this sooner as I had to wear a bandanna the other day and this would of made things easier.

  14. 0:04. The bandana is MADE IN CHINA. Lol!

    Good job.

  15. This works very well, but it's kind of hard to breathe in 하하

  16. Fabulous and so easy. Love it.

  17. I should buy a Joker Bandana smile face

  18. Tried it loved it. The ear part was messing up my little ears. However I just stretched it out for 5 or 10 minutes to make fit. I broke a couple of black hair ties. It work's- I'm adding coffee filter with mine tommorow as a filter for my mask. I have grey and white bandanas. I did Vidah's video that was 1:52 easy to do.

  19. Thank you so much everyone who is contributing great ideas and sharing them with other's. Working together as well as being positive in this time is what is needed. Be Blessed!😇🚩

  20. Im from the UK and all i hear is some people say masks don't really work and won't prevent you from getting the Corona virus, but the way i look at it is even if a mask is only 60 percent effective I'd sooner wear one when out shopping than do
    Without because going without your
    Chances Of getting the Corona virus are going to be a much higher percentage so i will continue to wear my mask and bandana better to be safe than sorry in my book.

  21. doing r=this for a chemistry assignment for some reason

  22. Stuff some cigarette butts up your nose and you'll be fine.

    I don't know why I have to say it, but dont believe that😒

  23. Too fast to re-create myself. Could use narration.

  24. Vidah , thank you for taking the time to make video ! Coffee filter is great idea ! Be safe out there !

  25. This is what's on the CDC website, but it's so thick, how can you breath?

  26. Love it, decided not to stick the filter in there at least for the time being

  27. Can you even breath threw these

  28. Cloth mask =0% virus protection

  29. when you pull on bands the scarf will come apart? not good idea

  30. Thank you for sharing! Take care

  31. Thanks for sharing, I don't have a sewing machine

  32. Great tutorial to make diy face mask. Thanks. Support back 🤝

  33. How do you keep it from coming off around your ears

  34. This is so hard. I am so stupid right now.

  35. I wonder if First Aid bandage adhesive will hold the sides, bottom, and over the nose. Anyone know?

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