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BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog (Kyle Jennermann)

Have you noticed it has been a while since I have uploaded or shared any new videos?

Well it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been adventuring. The experiences over the past few months, and the inspiration that has come into my life…

It has been beautiful.

I am super proud to share with you our first teaser for ‪#‎BecomingFilipinoYourTravelBlog‬

Do you ever read the stories I write about people who have inspired my life? Well now… Now you are going to get to see them. This journey… it isn’t different from ‪#‎BecomingFilipino‬. It is just a bigger view of everything.

Real Beauty, Real Adventure, Real Culture and Real Inspiring People…

Expect A LOT of videos in the future… but not just on the internet. On Abs-Cbn News Channel (ANC) and The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Bring on the Happiness!

I hope you will continue to share some of your with me…

One day at a time.


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  1. Why do tourist videos of the PH always about bamboo, costumes, lechon, karaoke and beaches?

    Only the rich go there and the people that work very hard and receive very low wages go to the resorts. Life is not simple there. If you think it's simple, try to make a cup of coffee when you wake up in a farm.

  2. Thank you Kulas for telling the story of the Filipinos.

  3. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  4. napaiyak si manong..may lahi pala syang tarzan haha…nice kulas..video pa more…

  5. you rock Kyle, love your videos, "power on" bro be safe

  6. ka inggit naman si kulas kung sino pa yung dayuhan yun pa nakalibot sa pinas but anyway kulas HAT'S OFF for U Bro enjoy take care always and regards kay kumar n jon jon and the rest of the gang doing what you really want to do, enjoyment is wealth. God Bless You Always and the rest of the crew and Take care always. HAVE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

  7. do asa mn ka sa cdo do?

  8. Thank you kulas you lave pilipino mabohay

  9. Love your shows,Take care kaibigan !

  10. I keep on laughing everytime I watched your video…its very entertaining

  11. Enjoy living in Pinas Kulas…the life of kuya or manong in your video is touching one of the reason why some filipinos leaving the country to find a better earning in other country…

  12. Salamat kulas,,,,we appreciate your love to our culture,

  13. The wealth of the Philippines is its people, their smiles, humility and their huge heart to share even if they have very little. True life's treasures are not measured by material possessions, fame and stature. Filipinos will always flare a smile even amidst tragedies and destruction. The Philippines calls to those whose eyes and heart see life's true beauty in its simplicity. The Philippines is like a siren. When she calls you and captures your heart, you will be hers forever. Kulas was one of those who heard her call because he has the eyes and the heart that understand the meaning of genuine happiness. Far from the twisted mentality of the Trumps and Kardashians of this world. Mabuhay ka Kulas. Mabuhay Philippines.

  14. nice one kulas I started following you now..I really appreciate your passion in promoting the culture of Philippines ..have a safe trip always you deserve to becoming Filipino..

  15. really like to see you again,, kuyog ta adto bohol ha…super apir!!!

  16. thanks kulas for everything

  17. Nice videos Kulas and thanks for sharing it to us. May I know the starting background music?

  18. its very nice travel baby, i want to join you

  19. I hope you visit Davao Oriental [it's region 11 in Mindanao] The Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso is rich with history and scenery and the fish they offer are fresh from the sea. also in Tibanban, there is an island there rich with sea creatures [my cousin caught two octopus and some shrimp there with just bare hands] and Mt. Hamiguitan Wild Life Sanctuary also from Governor Generoso [they have amazing falls and great ambiance] and Aliwagwag Falls of Cateel [it's a hot tourist spot] and my favourite Pujada bay of Mati [white fine sand, blue waters, and rich of sea creatures. the feeling that you got separated from the civilization and technology and became one with nature… you can't simply keep your feet from wandering around the island] Too bad many people fear Mindanao because of their 'bad' reputation.

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