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BEST CITY TO VISIT IN EUROPE 2018 – Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide

Lisbon very quickly became one of my favourite cities in the world and I couldn’t believe no one had ever told me about it. This city is full of life, food and amazing people and I wanted to put together a travel guide based on my time in Lisbon and Sintra Portugal.

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  1. at 6:33 that image represents the way that our revolution toke place… we diden´t use arms but insted
    red carnations….

  2. I read reviews that said Lisbon was dirty, but after watching your glowing video, I can really see that it's evident even in the best light. Why don't the locals care about maintenance of public space or removal of ugly graffiti?

  3. How can Lisabon be underrated ? Maybe just for you, Lisabon is one of the most visited cities in Europe man. #shutup

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I am a world traveller and Lisbon is the best city to live. Authentic places you will find all over Portugal, less that 1 hour away from Lisbon you have the place with the huge waves, the biggest ones in the world, Nazaré. There's so many places to see and to visit in Portugal. The culture changes a lot from the north to the south, the delicious foods, the wonderful climate, the beautiful landscapes, the all and amazing surprising things we don't know and we only find out when we get there such as the fantastic people.

  5. Get that room service a 10, dude:
    -Not my tipycal style
    7:55 😂🐫

  6. So the castle is what Shrek is based out of? Ha

  7. Do u need a license for the electric scooter?

  8. Hahah cathie is damn cute and innocent.

  9. Is everyone in Lisbon a tall supermodel? I am about to move to Lisbon for half a year. Now I feel intimidated cause I am only 1,73 as a guy :/

  10. At the beginning when they say they where clueless and rented a car to see the downtown, that should have been a red flag that the video has no useful travel guidance and is just a bunch of clips about themselves.

  11. Hi, Can you please help me with name of the place you arrived at 7:06

  12. Just came back after a week. Keep in mind, many of the castles are man made. And, although Lisbon is beautiful, the hills are a killer.

  13. 11:50 I’m now watching their trip around the world. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  14. We're going there in May! Can't wait!!

  15. Portugal is one of my favorite countries i’ve ever been to, but I like Porto way more than Lisbon. You should visit it next time 😊

  16. Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙏 🙏Our life in Portugal

  17. Não existe lei em Portugal contra picar paredes , isso é uma vergonha para a cidade de Lisboa e outras em Portugal.

  18. Lisbon looks gorgeous thank you for your video I love learning about new places there are islands in Europe the Greek Islands are nice

  19. I love the honest review at the end of the video. I feel the same way in that doing all the tourist shit on a vacation trip leaves you with an empty feeling at the end when you realize all you did was walk around, get exhausted from all the walking and look at stuff. I think the perfect vacation requires interacting with locals and experiencing local activities. I plan on going to Italy soon but I'm also learning Italian because I want to get the best out of it. I'll probably learn other languages, at least to some degree, while planning future vacation spots.

  20. 4:15 that shot of your girlfriend looks spectacular! I'm sure you made her very happy. Great job with all your videos!

  21. Beautiful country in purtgual

  22. I'm from Lisbon and i have to admit, I'm very happy that you liked it so much. Btw, the painting that you saw on the wall is a representation of our most famous Revolution called "revolução dos cravos" that translates to Gillyflower revolution; it's purpose was to end the dictatorship in 1974 which they did without having even a single shot fired. Instead, they had Gillyflowers in their guns

  23. Portuguese tarts are $4 AUD minimum in Sydney 🇦🇺

  24. Please help weather like in Feb

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