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BIG Disney World Changes That Will Totally Blindside You!

From ruined photos to iconic ride closures, there’s some BIG changes happening in Disney World this year and you don’t want to be caught off guard!

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  1. Why don't you report why the CEO of Walt Disney World, Bob Iger, suddenly quit along with 219 other CEOs of major companies right at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the U.S. Coincidence?! Bob Iger simply stated that he doesn't care to be the CEO of WDW anymore. That sounds bitter and somewhat indifferent. Research why he quit because that's what should BLINDSIDE you!

  2. I think a lot of construction will be temporarily canceled after all of this.

  3. Nothing more pathetic than someone who's life revolves around this place.

  4. The greediest place on earth …..hope they never reopen

  5. But where did my cronut go? 🙁

  6. What new attractions will be open for summer 2021? Will guardians of the galaxy or Tron be open?

  7. they could start spaceships earth refurbishment now lol

  8. 👎 MORE CLICKBAIT!!! Nothing but old news repackaged… STOP ALREADY!!!

  9. I think it’s great that Disney is giving us the option to get a prorated refund on annual passes. I don’t think we will be going to any large crowd events until there’s a vaccine for Covid19.

  10. I got lost in January going around the walls going from closed ride to closed ride! Weep! So much to return to when the Corona crisis is over. Stay safe everyone!

  11. They cancelled all construction 4,300 cast members termination

  12. thanks AJ and the DFB team for still providing the best news on all the parks . It helps get us through all the uncertain times !!!!!! great work guys keep it up !!!

  13. chances are that Disney World will be closed for at least a year.

  14. Can, t wait for it to reopen

  15. I want to let everyone know that I just preordered the DFB Guide to the 2020 Food and Wine fest and with the purchase got the 2019 guide, kind of as a placeholder, until the 2020 one comes out and WOW. This thing is almost 300 pages of great pictures and information. Plus it’s so organized and satisfying to look at. I’ve purchased some other things from random social media people before, for a lot more money, and nothing has come close to the quality and obvious work that has gone into these guides. Even if you’re a veteran Disney goer I recommend it because it makes me so happy to look through it while I dream about my next trip. 10/10 recommend!

  16. i wasn't pay close attention, i thought you said men won't be allowed to ride spaceship earth at first.

    curious how much they're going to jack up ticket prices after all this.

    i thought they'd already canceled the star wars hotel before it becomes another debacle?

  17. 5:44 white rice at Disney? Where? I am from Brazil and really would like to know.

  18. I’m sorry but you said all of this information in the latest news video. Please don’t make new videos if you don’t have any new information to share

  19. I went there in 1989. I expect a bit has changed since then.

  20. Everything will be done by the time the parks open in 2023

  21. Does she sound like a cyber man to anyone else?

  22. Has anyone been able to get their date-specific tickets for May released for future use? I got them through Undercover Tourist several months ago so they're non-refundable at this point.

  23. I have bought your guides all of them and I have tried since December to get in your website and see the features you offer. I click on the link and have signed up for the newsletter for the past 2 years since 2018. please help me find out how to make it work!

  24. Man. I was meant to go on the 21st of August and I've only been once when I was 6. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I have to wait so long to go to the world of Harry Potter, and everything else about disney world. Really annoying.

  25. the spaceship earth change is a mistake though I will miss the dancing fountain but the spaceship earth is going to be a flop more than likely because they are removing the original theme of the park as much as they can which was and should partially continue to be education explaining the impact communication has had on humanity is a big thing that should be explained.

  26. Could you do a video on all the fastpass changes and things we need to know about them for our next trip?

  27. Not anything much new here to report. They have announce all of these changes way before. It seems like you repeating yourself. But it is still good to see all the foods and the footage ftom the parks.

  28. I am sure that everyone would only want WDW and WDL to only open when it was certain that the Coronavirus was either under control or a suitable vaccine had been rolled out. If Walt Disney was alive today I hope that he would put public health first over his need for profit. There is no point opening too soon if the pandemic hasn't been controlled.

  29. Does anyone know if the MK opening ceremony is still the same with the construction to the castle going on?

  30. The trams in MK finished construction the last day they were open 🥺 I was a spring 2020 cp and it was like “woAh”

  31. So many exciting New things happening at Disney! I can't wait to go back! We were supposed to be going this month so as soon as it opens we are going 🙏🏻✨

  32. Disney is getting all the machines ready for the chip. You can’t get in without being chipped. Think about that people.

  33. Is there any word that any of these construction projects are continuing during the closure? Would make the most sense since work could continue with no guests to worry about, particularly the Castle overhaul. Would be really nice if they started the Spaceship Earth refurb during this too.

  34. Darn I never got the try the Arendell cone and it looked so good too!

  35. What and where is that delicious looking dessert at 5:23??!!

  36. They are going to ruin Spaceship Earth

  37. We had to cancel our 25th wedding anniversary trip scheduled for the first week of May, so sad but understandable. Hope everyone is staying safe and can't wait until the World of Magic opens up again!

  38. This stuff is the farthest from my mind right now. I couldn't even listen for 2 minutes.

  39. Hey AJ! Please let your fans know that disney is letting people play soarin’ challenge, even if they are not at disney world. I’ve been playing all morning and am the only person playing in the world!!!!!

  40. Heart broken about the Mickey donut 💔


  42. What was the restaurant at timestamp 5:23?

  43. I have only been once to Disney world when I was 26 years old. I have dreams of going again when my little one is older and can appreciate and keep up with all of the walking. When I listen to theses videos as well made as they are, it makes me want to not go back to Disney. Sounds exhausting lol.

  44. Are the Disneyworld Florida closed for this year?

  45. I thought everything was closed until further notice?

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