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Budget Trip to Wayanad|வயநாட்டுக்கு பட்ஜெட் பயணம்|Under Rs.1500|Travel blog|பயண வலைப்பதிவு| Tamil|

Hey guys,

1st My Apologies for the Delay..!!
This video is all about Wayanad & it’s beautiful places. In this travel itinerary, we are gonna cover the top things to do & explore in Wayanad within budget & also gonna provide the travel agency details & hotel link to make your travel plans simple & easier. Hope you guys like this video!!
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Trekking details: https://youtu.be/jZQ9Oz3Dsa4

Travel agency : https://www.ripplesholidays.org/

Driver no : +91 8547695217

Hotel link : https://www.goibibo.com/hotels/oyo-14841-indra-holiday-home-hotel-in-wayanad-4712048938389032408/

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  1. Sholayar dam tha Asia 2nduu

  2. Do u have any problem to speak in one language…

  3. Kochi and wayanad are at two different ends. … Banglore is near .

  4. Onu Tamil la pesnanum ila English la pesanum ethuku epadi irundaium kothrai veikanum.

  5. Shoot the video in landscape mode It's better for YouTube

  6. Akka keralavileye vagamannuk vange

  7. Nice speech but video konja better ah itunthurukalam

  8. All the best….
    I give my support for your effort. Pls subscribe my channel rg rider guys.

  9. Super sister & we are also have YouTube channel like your channel my channel name is budget food and travel

  10. Super video unfortunately Nenge miss panne place Ella nangelum miss pannom
    Such a wonderful place to visit wayanad minimum 4 day vanum full ah visit panne 👍

  11. Wayanad sightseeing auto 1200/- per day. WAYANAD AUTO TAXI

    Main Road, near kalpana hotel, Kalpetta, Kerala 673121
    094469 52556 https://g.page/wayanad-auto-taxi?share

  12. Nice video and very useful for my next trip.
    Wayanad bike la polama nu sollunga madam.

  13. I like for vlog so I can join your crew

  14. Vera level ma 🤘tq for this video 😻

  15. Give review about best places to visit inside Chennai

  16. Aduthu neega maldives pota nalla irukum..:-P

  17. You can also use subtitles in ur video…so tat it will be useful to many ppl…:-)

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