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In this vlog I head to the Red Sea, the Egyptian Museum and a few Mosques and Churches. We also went to the Bazar where we shopped had tea with a few of the locals!

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  1. Grab some snacks and some wine and enjoy the final Egypt Vlog!! Monday's vlog will be BONDZ' baby shower vlog and then on to DUBAI travel vlogs. YAY!!

  2. Love it !!! Looks like fun !!

  3. Clearly the guy at the museum is telling his own interpretation of why the noses have been destroyed on the statues. We know it because Caucasian men got to them and destroyed them because they found out they were brown skined people. The shock of it all was they couldn't except the intelligence of them all… plus it showed the people they had enslaved were the Hebrews which were BROWN people. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Ah-mazinggg vlog! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. One of the best vlogs of egypt

  6. Love your vlogs as always! We've been keeping up with you for a while now and have watched every travel video and every one of your other videos (lifestyle, beauty, fashion hauls, etc.)! Please subscribe back to us. We're honestly just a small YouTube channel, but we're hoping to grow as we vlog our adventures from around the world. Thank you for considering 🙂

  7. This is AMAZING… I hope you can go to Jerusalem next that where I would love to go. God bless you🙏🏽🤗😊

  8. This was soo great, new subscriber 🤧😍 also y'all was beautiful in Egypt ❤❤❤❤ could pass for Queens 😭

  9. Where are you originally from? You look like you could be from Egypt

  10. Awesome video. Made me feel like I was there.

  11. Love it. Egypt is definitely on my list of places to travel.

  12. Awsome vid. How did you get from Cairo to Suez? 🙂

  13. My mother and I are going in September, would you mind sharing the companies you used for your tours?

  14. How do y’all use y’all cell phone service across seas ? I’m worried I won’t have service when I get off the plane and can’t Uber to my hotel

  15. Dang I got that same sickness I was there for 17days and came home sick for like a week. 😷

  16. Happen to find any vampires sending red hair dudes flying into water towers?

  17. U. Need lotsa. water. N. some menthol lozenges. for sore throat. issues. !!!! Alwàyz drink. lotsa. water. !!!!

  18. People do. ur. studies n. research on ut super special historical place. !!!!

  19. I love how yall held hands crossing the street lol lol

  20. Iam actually Egyptian hope u love Egypt 😊

  21. im egyption from alexandria..
    Come to alexandria.. he is agreat town.. alexandria build him.. Great alaskander.. you will be happy in alexandria

  22. This is a dream of mine to visit egypt 😩 It is so beautiful 😍 the red sea did it for me 😭😭😭😭 Thank you for sharing your journey and the edits made it even more beautiful !!!

  23. Lol it was funny looking at you crossing that street 😂🤣👍🏻

  24. I'm from Egypt and I am love your vlog

  25. Wow had to be an dope spiritual experience
    Love it!!😊💋

  26. So this shitty place do care at all to peoples safety, no pedestrians light…LOL

  27. Those kids looked bad as hell.

  28. Probably got sick from that water from tea.

  29. Most egyptians are very deceiving even when they come to the U.S. lol.

    I seen them at shopping malls with their cart stands trying to sell Sea products. They are horrible liars lol. They think you cannot tell when they are lying. It's always obvious through their body language.

  30. The bald guy sitting behind you at the restaurant was creepy.

  31. i really enjoy seeing egypt by you >>we hope see u again u r welcome 🙂 can u tell me the name of the song in the end of this video ^_^

  32. The place you went to is call down town

  33. The house behind you is my friends house

  34. Can you please tell me the name of the music you used in the middle of vid? Please and thank you

  35. Hello , I need intro music plz.

  36. Im at work binge watching all of your travel vlogs. im soooooo intrigued and excited at the same time! i love your videos! looking forward to plan a group trip myself!

  37. The reason why their broke the noses of the statue because it would identify as black people.They don't want you to know how great you are!!

  38. The fact that the paper behind the type writer says please don't touch and you keep touching them because you don't know arabic is so funny 😂😂😂

  39. Wow! you're beautiful!! Tienes una piel muy bonita! Saludos.

  40. How were the men towards women over there? Black women, of course. I’m planning to do a solo trip there and curious if should travel there alone or not …

  41. Thank you for showing us inside the museum, my kids were so excited to see actual artifacts that reflect them!!!

  42. Were you required to have shots to travel to Egypt?

  43. I think they found out the Kings and Queens had black features.

  44. How far was cario from the red sea. How did you get there?

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