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Camiguin Island (Part 3) – #BecomingFilipino Your Travel Blog

This is “Part 3” of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog Camiguin Episode…

Here you will see what “local style fiesta” is all about, meet another Canadian who truly loves the Philippines, and just experience the simple beauty of the locals on the island.

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Super Apir!


  1. Dilowar kuwaiti I love Taclban philippine

  2. The erwan yussaff of canada !

  3. Kulas you look like erwan yussaff !

  4. Been climbing that 12 station too bai kulas in Camiguin island.

  5. Kulas! You're really a Filipino now coz your "mamistahay na"😂

  6. Kulas, I’m Filipino but tries very hard to relate Spanish words to its original spelling and meaning. I saw that you wrote Bispera/s because that’s how we Filipinos write and pronounce it but it’s Spanish spelling is Vispera which means “eve.”

  7. Kulas you learned from sean his foriegn to i know yout 2 love pilipinas

  8. Fiesta in barangay always like this in Philippines. Happiness overload…fiesta pa more!!!!

  9. 😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Kulas, Good thing that you plug in the local businesses at the end of your vlog. You're doing great. Keep it up.

  11. Kaon pa more kulas.you always bring good vibes.make me smile while watching you kulas. Be safe always.God bless you more and more


  13. Lami na kaayo ka muluto sa pugon Dong…

  14. I miss home.. Kulas thank you for uploading this video and visiting Camiguin.. Proud camigingnon here.😉😉👍👍 God bless you always

  15. "It's the simple pleasures." We should all take our cue from that one to be really and genuinely happy.

  16. Visaya people have a good heart.the people was so real.

  17. Yeah I'm aswang too. Vampire snack. I. Like that food .super lame.

  18. i love this video hahaha! the coconut was slimmy! hahaha

  19. makalingaw , busog pa kaayo

  20. y0ur n0t a banyaga anym0re. naturatized kulas.

  21. Hahhahah nakakatuwa ka Kulas luv yah God bless you more 🙂


  23. Simple pleasures… wow. This is so humbling, this truly gives us a pinch in our hearts. Going back to our roots, enjoying the simple life, away from the hussle and buzzle of the city.. taking time to enjoy the community..fiesta, real friends.. love love love. Apir Kulas!

  24. What a nice Place Very Beautiful camiguin island Woah Hinayhinay bai mao na diha

  25. ganyan ang fiesta sa amin dito lang yan sa pinas nag papakain sa lahat ng tao

  26. #kyle try to visit pavia iloilo on may 2 to may 6,u will amaze how they celebrated fiesta there,and try to visit guimaras also on their manggo festival.

  27. hahaha lasing ka na kulas tagay pa . ayos apir

  28. we love you kulas. Godbless you.

  29. thanks kyle you gave me a tears of joy.. Proud to be a Filipino

  30. salamat kulas sa pagmamahal sa pilipinas. we love you so much. ur so kind.

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