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Can You Guess The Price Of These DIY SCHOOL LIFE HACKS!? (GAME)

LankyBox tries DIY School Life Hacks like DIY Nail Polish Hydrodipping and DIY Hair Color Dying!

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  1. The grade changing hack was so funny 😂 Which DIY did YOU like BEST!?

  2. I didn’t study for a test and I got and A+!

  3. Oboy that's a lot of mess 😄 😄

  4. If adam wins he gets to drop Justin's phones

    if justin wins he gets to check adam phone

  5. If :adam win he has to slapped justine if Justin wins adam has to eat a cokkie

  6. IF JUSTIN WINS : he gets to eat Adam favorite food in front of him
    IF ADAM WINS : he gets to take a bad picture of Justin and post it on instagram

  7. Lanky box justin is carry

  8. The sodas sorry bad speller🥺😭

  9. thank goodness that was so funny

  10. Did anyone else noticed that Justin didn't cough up the Pringles

  11. If Adam wins then Justin gets to get taped on the wall while Adam does something cool in Justin’s face that Justin can’t do . If Justin wins then Justin can go on Adams phone whenever Justin wants

  12. Why are you guys always look at the ceiling?

  13. Why do you guys look up?.?

  14. if Adam wins he gets Justin's donuts+chicken
    if Justin wins he has to give Adam his donuts+chicken

  15. it looks so good but the nalis polish smells groes

  16. if Justins wins he gets to have a cookie party with cookie
    if adam wins he gets one half chip

  17. The hack with the bad grades works! If you do it with color pencils and draw it hard it will disappear

  18. If Adam wins: he needs to sing 7 rings If Justin wins: he gets chicken and donuts

  19. If Adam Wins: He can take all of Justin’s food and have a picnic with kooky

    If Justin wins: He can keep his food and take $5 from Adam

  20. Hi I love your videos and your so funny

  21. Adam wins:he could destroy Justin's favorite food

  22. If Adam wins he gets to slap Justin in the face

    But if Justin wins Adam have to buy him as much food as he wants

  23. If Adam Wins:he gets all of justin’s robux
    If Justin Wins:he leaves the room and Adam gets locked there for one day

  24. Those are zepeto pushes and zepeto is a crepy game

  25. I think everyone know’s that the first one is going to work.

  26. Adam wins : gets to play with boxy
    Justin wins: gets to eat honey buns

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