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Computex 2013 Travel Blog Part 2

This is our first trip as a company to Computex! We’ll be blogging about the trip courtesy of Western Digital, Corsair Vengeance, and NCIX. Please take some time to check out our sponsors below!

Sponsor Link 1: 15% off internal hard drives until June 16th, 2013 (US & EU only) with promocode “COMPUTEX2013” – http://wdstore.com & http://bit.ly/12qcLsk

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Sponsor Link 3: NCIX is my favourite Canadian computer store. They’re my bros (almost literally. I have family that works there). They also ship internationally now! – http://ncix.com

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  1. Wow. Now I'm gonna look up videos of the balancing thing in taipei 101.

  2. You know this is old when he said he was going to EMAIL his mom.

  3. Linus seems so much more genuine in these older videos.

  4. While Linus was getting the wash, the dude says to the stylist, "Any style you want to cut.  Completely shaved is fine …"  LOL!!!

  5. It's been two years, but Slick and Diesel were wandering very very close to where my aunt lives.

  6. who are those girls! those boobs <3

  7. Thanks for posting this 😀

  8. how long do you think those pringles were there for? every other visitor probably thought the same as linus

  9. Audio is phasing from right to left =

  10. who was that girl in the blue dress?

  11. Skip to 1:44 for a review of the toilet seat.

  12. 6:33 who else thought there was something on their monitor

  13. holy shit, so many scooters/motorcycles

  14. Linus is going old school. He plays Super Mario World.

  15. Maps, aren't on paper, they're on Google, and my phone.

  16. no 13th floor, but there is floor #12 then #14 (which IS the "13th" floor). Who are they kidding lol. A 6.5 earthquake…nice. Can't barely feel those out here in Cali either. I would've loved to be up there when it happened.

  17. Hey, what's that paper thing he's looking at @3:38?

  18. Who were them girls in the car ?

  19. Haha, I know right. I found a zip file of all the images somewhere…

  20. Pretty sure the bench for sitting might be for keeping your bags there.

  21. Who's the blonde in the cab?

  22. That romantic place is for you to put your luggage actually….

  23. Who gets a haircut while in a foreign country? Couldn't wait a week?

  24. 04:56 He beeped because it's a crossing, to warn drivers that may come from another direction.

  25. disel cant speak mandarin

  26. Pretty sure it wouldn't work like that. I think that the youtube view count is only unique views.

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  28. can't wait for part 3

  29. wooow wooow woow, back that train up, is that a GIRL in the car at 8:05 ???!!!

  30. Guys, go to his playlist (first link in the description) and auto loop the WD coverage. Have it running while your not using the computer or something. We need to reach higher views.
    Feel free to repost this on other computex footage.

  31. This didn't show up in my Youtube feed :/ Im really glad I checked your page

  32. 11:40.
    Slick gets the ladies.

  33. 13:49
    Diesel said: You can cut whatever you want, ball head is ok.

  34. Is it just me or is the audio off?

  35. More travel blogs! 😀

  36. You can poop in 15 seconds? Are you by any chance the Flash?

  37. I understood what wd told to the girl who was going to cut Linus hair and he said that whatever she wants and also shaved xD

  38. The only building taller than slick 😉

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