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Computex Travel Blog Part 1

This is our first trip as a company to Computex! We’ll be blogging about the trip courtesy of Western Digital, Corsair Vengeance, and NCIX. Please take some time to check out our sponsors below!

Sponsor Link 1: 15% off internal hard drives until June 16th, 2013 (US & EU only) with promocode “COMPUTEX2013” – http://wdstore.com & http://bit.ly/12qcLsk

Sponsor Link 2: Corsair Vengenace gaming peripherals. Quality peripherals with legendary Corsair customer service – http://corsair.com/vengeancegaming

Sponsor Link 3: NCIX is my favourite Canadian computer store. They’re my bros (almost literally. I have family that works there). They also ship internationally now! – http://ncix.com

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  1. Watching on 9/17/2018 @ 5:17pm

  2. I miss Taiwan, I wish I could go back again but too much $$.

  3. 5:22 the dust on your camera freaked me out. I thought it was my screen

  4. Haha, same! I must have touched my monitor like 5 times see if it was on my end

  5. what airport is this? looks pretty huge.

  6. What laptop is slick using? That black coating is awesome, saw a Aspire V5 (A8-4555M) with a similar coating

  7. whats the capacity on that battery pack. I saw a pack on sale and i was wondering if it was worth it.

    its $60 for 10,000 mah

  8. Slick looks like Xabi Alonso and Linus looks like Fernando Torres

  9. Oh god the Eva Air food was the worst thing that I've ever eaten.

  10. bahahaha 4:49 just the tip

  11. these videos are more interesting than the actual computex videos!

  12. im never going to catch up on all these computex videos linus!!! good job

  13. Is that Slick's mom or.. gf?

  14. Loving these…. Hope there's a part 3

  15. this is awesome. Airports are so cool, i really like Taipei's. a flight over the pacific sucks, 14 hours…when you get back, there will be so much jetlag. China airlines food is eh….

  16. Fragile: French for "throw underhand"

  17. Haha all the floors are car park 4.

  18. The clusterfuck of lights in the background 4:20

  19. where's the next travel blog video? we wants it.

  20. Shouldn't we all go like "FINALLY"?

  21. i think i was mistaking quarantine for customs my bad

  22. haha you are so childish I love it.

  23. Slick, your mom is hot 😉

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