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COVID-19 Automatic Thai Visa Extensions: Status Update

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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed. You did touch your face four times.

  2. @integritylegalthailand We keep hearing about cabinet approval what steps are next to make official policy

  3. I just went to Buriram immigration today to extend my visa exempt stamp. Got a 30 day extension in less than an hour.

    I did not need the embassy letter I brought. Just the normal requirements.

    I am sure glad I went and did not act on assumptions based on promised automatic visa exemptions that have yet to be officially implemented.

    As least the intensions are getting a little more clear in that it states for tourists that have reported.

    Personally I made a wrong assumption in believing news and videos that I would get an automatic extension. I am glad I went now I am not subject to overstay fines for another 30 days

  4. Why they don't do like in Vietnam,IO closed until 15 april,to reduce the risk to contaminate the IOS and the people waiting without any distancing,an amnesty for these extensions

  5. Appears the Gov did some maths and realised that 1,900bt x 500,000 = ฿1 billion

    "Oh hi! So we have changed our mind. You must come office one time and risk your life. Thank you. Don't forget bring money. Kub"

  6. When I got my extension last week at Buriram immigration they did not use the finger print scanner, but they did want to register my address and we had to pay a few hundred baht for this registration as well as the money for the extension. All up I think it was 1900 baht.

  7. A thinking ,,man,,
    Would say is the Thai immigration
    Trying to kill the hole tourism industry ,on purpose,
    Or is this how thay do things in
    Asia .

  8. Thank you for the video! Could you please summarize the key takeaway and the action step for this video?

    As far as I understood: I have to go to immigration still, but then I will be extended automatically. It will not happen automatically when I don't go there.

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Wow… the immigration offices currently swamped with non social distancing foreigners won't be happy with this continuing need to crowd into immigration, whilst the powers that be make up national security excuses to spread the virus.

    They have biometrics from arrival. They have our address from TM6 and TM30 reporting. Just make it simple Thailand and waive overstay penalties until a reasonable time after you open your borders again!

  10. Can you please clarify whether tourists who have never before extended their stay do need a letter from their embassy or not. It is very confusing. Thank you.

  11. awesome content keep it up dude

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