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Daily VAN LIFE travel blog – Exploring Versailles E04

First: I am very sorry for the poor quality in this video…. I hope you can oversee it 😉 I am currently traveling alone around Europe in my camper van conversion. This is a follow me around travel blog when I visited Paris and a friend who lives there. So I guess you can call it a normal day of a van life girls life. My friend and I had a lovely lunch tougher and visited Versailles then she got a van tour of my van build, she seemed to love it

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  1. Always good to to your smiley face, happy travels✌️ATB Shane

  2. Cool! And when is the center of Europe, Minsk in Belarus ??)

  3. Really inspired by all the #vanlife videos. We are looking to do more low-key minivan life with our kids. This and other vanlife blogs is inspiring us to do our own channel. Hope we can grow it as much as you did.

  4. Hej har du ätit sniglar och grodlår…nejvisst du är ju vegeterian? 🥬 Var i Versailles för ett tag sedan och det mest fascinerande är att det existerade för en enda man, solkungen och hans Marie. 👑🌞🧖🏻‍♀️Helt ofattbart idag! 🤭 Jag tycker du skall köpa en basker, det måste du ha i Frankrike! 👩‍🎨 Lycka till med den fortsatta resan!

  5. Paris and France is awesome! To bad with the mic and those batteries, but what the heck-your vids are entertaining and fun-have a good trip and enjoy life girl 😉

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