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Description of DIY Segway

The video where it is demonstrated can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBOQ6RMk6aw . More information can be found at http://p1r.se/robot/segway/


  1. Hey, can I learn your circuit diagram? I need do motor controller like yours.

  2. hey can u contact me ? i need some info.

  3. hi is it possible to help me to get on the motherboard

  4. Where can I fine a new DIY for Segway


  5.  can i have a total part list of this project

  6. Has any mnc hired you yet ?

  7. Has any mnc hired you yet ?

  8. and of course they are bad quality. Use nice radiator instead fan and build it into US military amunition box is cheap, plastic, light and sealed. I mean of course electronic and batt. Water gonna eat everything ouside. Anyway nice work man!

  9. could you provide the plates for me? I buy from you.
    Or can point me to any compatible I can buy from china?

    My email      coisas.e.coisas.do.jhonas @ gmail.com

  10. Could you send me an electronic project circuit diagrams and firmware? the new address patyukov70@gmail.com

  11. I found it. Two 12V 12Ah lead batteries are used in series since the motors run at 24V.

  12. I checked the site, but I did not see the battery size that you used to power the motors.

  13. Could you send me electronic PDF projector?

    e-mail: wor000@gmail.com

  14. Hejsan Peter! Hur mycket kostade detta? Fantastiskt bygge btw!

  15. what about it's speed!! in "my last creation" video i noticed it was so slow!!

  16. Would you be able to help me out in building this for my college Project. I am almost done getting all the parts except the controllers.

  17. Hi friends I want to kwnon which kind of gyro did u use. If you use 2 axis you use (XY)or(YX)or(YZ)or (XZ) OR you use XYZ 3 axis gyro
    contact me fluke_family@hotmail.com

  18. Hi friends I want to kwnon which kind of gyro did u use. If you use 2 axis you use (XY)or(YX)or(YZ)or (XZ) OR you use XYZ 3 axis gyro

  19. @marcheseDS The reason that I didn't use the electronics from the scooters is because they are only able to drive the motors in one direction. Regards p1r

  20. peter, love what you have done here! I have two friends on board to build this ourselves! I would also like the details and code if possible. This is the perfect project we have been looking to undertake 🙂

  21. Hello Petter! I´m very interested in your project! Couldyou provide more details about the mechanics, motors, and hardware? I´m willing to make my final thesis about a DIY Segway. Thank you! Congratulations!

  22. Du skull einte kunna tänka dig sälja sånahär? jag kan tänka mig betala upp till 10 000 kr för en, lätt. 😛

  23. @medegodoi I will share the code as soon as I have cleaned it up. Regarding the hardware I guess you mean the drawing of the electronics. The mainboard doesn't really make sense to share because you could just use an arduino board, same microcontroller and everything. But if you really want i could send it to you. Regarding the H-bridges, they are not of mine design. I can ask my friend Benjamin who designed them and hear if he wants to make it public. Regards p1r

  24. @baxalasse Hi and thanks for the tip, I was actually considering this but I choose the fan method since it then is easier to disassemble. Also the battery consumption of the fan is very small compared to the consumption of the motors. Cheers!

  25. @poldim yes it is measured via a pot that sits in the joint, the steering is also quite simple to implement if you already have built an inverted pendulum robot, you can just add the steering on top of your signal without affecting your control loop.

  26. btw, you left out any mention of how you're measuring your steering angle…are you just using a pot to sense steering input?

  27. Nice work and great videos
    I've made a tiny inverted pendulum robot before, this may just motivate me to make a full size model…

  28. Nice work, cant you cool the cmos components by "fix" them to the baseplate? Then you would have "floorheating" =D and can remove the fan "optimising" the battery time. How long does the contraption run?

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