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DIY – AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT – How to Make Your Wife Happy

DIY – AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT – How to Make Your Wife Happy
craft cement Ideas , sand and cement
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  1. I need that toilet paper, the stores in my city are out

  2. Coulda sold that TP for big bucks right about now 😂

  3. There are people out here fighting each other for toilet paper …just sayin

  4. The most hideous "flower pot" I've ever seen! And he spoiled all the toilet roll….time for a divorce

  5. The comments didn't disappoint!

  6. Los rollos de papel higiénico me parecen más uties que esa cosa …perdi tiempo.

  7. I can hear it now: George, where’s all the toilet paper? I just bought two packages Tuesday!

  8. how to waste toilet paper for bullshit projects….

  9. That's very cute for your wife succulent garden. Won't the toilet paper rolls degrade over time? Thank you.

  10. Great vid thanks.
    You never said how you make the cement
    Nt mix up ?
    Is it a sand and cement ?
    Or something else
    And what ratios did u use

  11. I have so many questions… like where did the gold outline for the flower come from? What kind of leaf is that? Why the hell did you use iphone wall blocks as a support? Are they still there supporting it? Why didn't you paint the base? Why didn't you paint everything before assembling? Is the leaf still attached? Did you need to make the world cringe and wipe over all the toilet paper?

  12. Who in the fuck is your wife?

  13. It’s a lot more fun to read the comments than it is to watch the video! They are Very funny!

  14. That’s beautiful I don’t understand
    why people are so negative nobody isn’t forcing you to watch

  15. He took 5 rolls of toilet paper and turned them into shit!

  16. Do I hear $1 do I hear .90 cents

  17. Ridiculous, fml for putting myself thru …having to watch this crap 🔪😩

  18. Oh No!!! I was hoping for a fancy toilet paper holder … once again my expectations were set too high 😒

  19. I can't watch that to the end…the music is theryble and loud!

  20. Туалетную бумагу зацементировать) интересно придумано)

  21. On my death bed I suspect I’ll think about the ten minutes I spent watching this video and give a deep sigh.

  22. This video could have been a quarter of the length. Yawn.

  23. Só desperdiçou papel higiênico. Ficou medonho!

  24. If My Love see this and Think I want this Trust I don't!!! Wasting my tissue…

  25. I'm sure she's not gonna appreciate wasting 5 rolls of good toilet paper.

  26. More like how to make your wife mad! Wasting 5 toilet papers. 😏

  27. I would have preferred to keep the toilet paper.

  28. Que video tan más estúpido! Quien en su sano juicio desperdicia 5 rollos de papel para hacer eso??? Creo que puedes hacer eso mismo sin desperdiciar papel higiénico.

  29. wow , that was fuckin stupid

  30. And how exactly will this make my wife happy?

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