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DIY Bluetooth Speaker Using Pallet Wood

* List buy materials
– 4.5inch 4Ohm 50W Woofer Speaker: http://bit.ly/2utGdBZ
– 2inch 4ohm 20W midrange Speaker: http://bit.ly/2vkR41E
– 1inch 4ohm 15W tweeter speaker: http://bit.ly/37nLTfm
– 3 Way Crossover Audio Board: http://bit.ly/2TRgmyB
– CSR8675 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Board: http://bit.ly/2TWp7r4
– TK2050 Power Amplifier Audio Board 2X50W: http://bit.ly/36l4ffT
– Battery capacity volmeter: http://bit.ly/37Bs0Bu
– B1212S Module: http://bit.ly/2NTbs08
– 250W 10A Stepup module converter: http://bit.ly/338wJYy
– LM2596 Step Down Converter Module Power: https://goo.gl/NjmEDD
– 5.5mm DC Metal Female Jack: http://bit.ly/2X35qMR
– Speaker single face seal glue: https://goo.gl/9tK5Z9
– Aluminum Isolation Feet Pad Stand: http://bit.ly/2KH2MII
– Handled for box: http://bit.ly/2tSvDoe
– 5s Battery pack: http://bit.ly/2XAvhNj
– Adapter 21V 3A: http://bit.ly/2O9Q8Ei
– Nylon Plastic (3M GLUE)stick on PCB: http://bit.ly/37yqfoS
– Self Adhesive Stick-on Mounts For Cable Ties: http://bit.ly/36vHXYR

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– Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1I9ITfzqFs



  1. Hi friends! Would you like me make more video like this?

  2. Nice one Mr just like it, how can i get one of the kind

  3. Muito show , agora queria ver fazer isso com uma tico tico meia boca e uma lixa zuada,,,minha realidade kkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Você importante para o Brasil.
    Quanto custa?
    Você é muito bom no que faz,meus parabéns.👏

  5. ស្រណោះបងអុំទូកត្នោត

  6. Kaha pe banate ho mere liye bhi bana do

  7. Bang kalo speaker bluetooth yg di pasaran bs gak tambah daya biar kuat pake speaker yg gede?

  8. अगरमेवीढीयूपेलाईककरेआपमूझेटचघङीदोग

  9. Bhi yaar tune sab kuch tik se banaya but Tu ik chiz m kami kr gya speaker ke age wale cover main toh wohi h agar kisi chiz se under baj gya speaker de sara kaam pr pani phir jaounga

  10. I want speaker and amplifier in 1 with that wooden case for the videoke

  11. São Paulo City, Brazil, 17 may

    Awesome good job!

  12. Idolo genio de la vida. Desde argentina un abrazo gigante sigue así!!!!!!

  13. to bad we don't have a complete shop like you

  14. sooooo much wrong with this i s not worth the time to fully detail

    just a few wrong things:

    glue only joints
    ZERO need for 3way design in this size.. inflates cost& makes it sound worse!

    Complete shit quality overpriced x-over board – Fukin hell has no name ELECTROLYTIC caps!!!

    Mismatched drivers w/zero correction

    better amps avail for far less!

    PWR sys missing some parts yet has others not needed

    Way over priced parts for4everything

    batshit crazy $$$$$ BT board! $50 ffs for it when 25 cent prt would do just as good!

    whatever the intent thee result is an absurd $$ piece of shit that should b a source of SHAME for the uploader etc!

  15. çok kaliteli oldı ancak usb ve hafıza kartı gibi girişlerde olabilirdi

  16. Presses play all excited because i have a spare pallet… Looks at my handsaw 😳

  17. Wow…..keren idemu bro mantap 👍👍👍👍👍

  18. I want to buy this product. can you please send me the link so that i can buy it easily.

  19. If someone wanted to make this use AC power instead of battery, can he just connect the wires to an electricity adapter than batteries?

  20. Ottimo lavoro davvero complimenti 👍😎

  21. Bisa pesen gak boss. Jogjanya pundi boss

  22. With all the tools and knowledge I do things in the kitchen too

  23. Dear King, this video and Building Speaker is excellent in detail. I wonder if you sell them on order ? I would like to have one similar speaker 🙂
    Keep up the good work

  24. hey brother has for sale … I really liked it. you sell it to me

  25. Супер чувак мне такой

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