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DIY Dollar Store Home Decor! | Cake Stand, Summer Wreath & Wall Art

Thank y’all so much for watching this DIY Home Decor Video! 🙂 I love to decorate my home on a budget so I really wanted to give y’all some easy DIY ideas of your own where you can get everything from your local dollar store. If y’all want to see more of these videos please just give this video a thumbs up! And let me know down below what your favorite thing was that I made!!

-xoxo Devyn

Want to see my most recent DIY dollar store home decor video?? Click the link below:


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  1. U may want to invest in a glue gun it's makes it a lot easier ur diys came out so cute 😄💯

  2. Why wouldnt you just unassemble the frame & paint it while it was empty that way you don't have to use the paper & paper plate??

  3. Thanks everyone for all the comments!! I just made another DIY dollar store home decor video!! I linked it in the description box 😊

  4. Love what you did thanks for sharing.

  5. I am new to painting picture frames, why did you use acrylic paint, Devyn?

  6. the cake stand would be cuter if you spray painted it all like metallic silver or gold

  7. Why not take the glass out of the frame and paint it before assembling the picture? And it seems it would be easier to place the glass on the bottom of the plate than to place the plate on the glass. Just my thoughts.

  8. just wanted to say a ribbon tied at top to cover hook may look very chic

  9. Your projects turned out really cute! One tip that may be helpful: It's easier to remove picture and glass before painting picture frames. That way you won't accidentally get paint on the glass and can really get into the inner edges.

  10. I love the cake stand! Thank you for the video 🙂

  11. Wow I really love the wreath idea, going to try this weekend

  12. take the picture and glass out then paint. ..

  13. i would not use these Diy not to be mean but I still subscribed to u

  14. Why didn't you remove the price tag on the plate 3:57?
    I like to buy different types of pattern plates to give as a gift when I give someone a cake.
    This way I dont have to worry about getting my plates back. I always write on the bottom with a paint pen. who it's for & love from me. People really appreciate the thought.
    Adding a glass, cup or candle holder would make it more exciting.
    TY 4 sharing! : D

  15. I love your DIY ideas..so nice

  16. Super simple and cute!
    I will have to try these diys💕

  17. Annndddd now you have me running to my dollar tree!😂😂 everytime I pass by these items I always wonder what I could do with them and now I know! Haha

  18. Great video I love all of your ideas. I've done some DIY'S using the frames from DT too and I really love how the wreath came out. I just liked this and subscribed. I like your style! I would love if you checked out my channel and subbed back. tfs

  19. Awesome Video Devyn! 🙂

  20. thank you for making my day and posting good comments about my vids, you have really amazing videos, pls subscribe to me

  21. Cute ideas… I really like the cake stand.

  22. Super cute Diy's and very easy and affordable to re create.

  23. It's actually really nice😍We should do a collaboration 👍🏻whT do u think

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