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Hi friends! Today I am sharing some of my favorite spring modern farmhouse diys. This is a compilation video from previous videos in case they look familiar. You’ll get a little taste of spring farmhouse wreaths, farmhouse wall decor, farmhouse lanterns and farmhouse table decor. And actually a few of these may actually fit rustic style room decor and even shabby chic room decor.

DIY Dollar Tree Spring Lanterns https://youtu.be/xIQg1OfCug0
DIY Dollar Tree Spring Centerpiece https://youtu.be/9YfgACIl6oQ
DIY Dollar Tree Spring Wall Decor https://youtu.be/rrj106Ngapc
DIY Dollar Tree Spring Front Door Wreath https://youtu.be/teg2_rWEtJgDIY Dollar Tree Spring Wall Planter and Wreath https://youtu.be/Tsziuu-wMMI

I’m Thinking About You – Windshield
Cold Summer – Daniel Gunnarsson
Won’t You Stay – The Eastern Plain
I’m Thinking About You – Windshield
Hide With Me – Ten Towers

I love showing you how to make budget friendly home decor pieces that look high end. For the most part, I stopped shopping home decor stores like home goods, Pier1, TJMaxx, Ross and others. Being able to transition home decor season to season and change up decorating style is important, but it doesn’t come cheap!

Decorating for every style and season, while having a high end look can be difficult and expensive, especially if you have a tight decorating budget. In this video and all DIY videos, I show you how to give your home and every space in your home a boost with DIY decorating projects.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the Dollar Tree shopping hauls to accomplish this. Dollar tree budget friendly decorating is my favorite, but you can find inexpensive home decor pieces or supplies for do it yourself projects at other places like Goodwill, Habitat Restore, shopping clearance sections, using coupons, yard sales and Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find free stuff!

Araceli Chan DIY is the channel for:
Organization and decorating ideas on a budget. Budget friendly room decor. Dollar Tree DIY decorating. DIY home decor dupes for less. Decorating ideas to transform any space in your home and more!

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  1. Nice! I really love the hula hoop one! I like the hear one too. Could you make the heart one without the back board? I don’t think I could do that part.

  2. I really loved them all! I have not run across those candle holders at the Dollar tree yet. I hope I do tho!! Any chance you made the window the hula hoop was hanging in front of? If so, do you have a tutorial on that? I absolutely love it!!

  3. Really like all of these projects but my favorite is the wall sconce made with popsicle sticks! Thank you for sharing 🌸!

  4. I loved all of them, but my favorite was the wall planters.

  5. I like it when kids are having fun

  6. Love them all ♥️ Thank you for sharing 👍🏻

  7. Great ideas. I loved them all!

  8. I liked the 3 piece set – 2 candle holder and the vase of flowers. But truly I will probably I'll make all 3 of them. Dug them all!

  9. Aw what adorable ideas, great video! My husband and I were wondering where you'd first heard windshield?! We fell in love with the after we heard them in your video! Just wanted to say thanks! ❤️

  10. Did you make the window pane out of frames?

  11. Ooo…I love the vases with twine and candlesticks best!! TFS New Subscriber 🙂

  12. I love all of your diy you do beautiful work thank you for sharing.

  13. Hi Araceli, I'm new to your channel but I can see I will love it. Your DIY are beautiful.

  14. I really love the wreath you made using the hula-hoop, how ever everything you make is great, I plan on making the window using picture frames after we get moved back east this summer.

  15. I love bucket with twine on the candlestick! I happen to have all the stuff to make it too, so I plan to work on that this evening!

  16. I love your videos! You are so sweet and genuine you are fun to watch. Thanks for your great projects

  17. Hello, I first want to start off by saying I love your videos. Your crafts are beautiful and give me tons of inspiration. Thank you for what you do. Second I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how to find dollar tree stores that have the crafters square in them. I have tried looking on the website but have been unable to locate them. Thank you.

  18. I absolutely loved them all too! ♥️😁♥️ Great ideas super creative! Thank you for these videos truly enjoyed it!

  19. I LOVE them all but the Hoolah Hoop wreath was my fave

  20. How can I pick! Loved The hoop wreath!

  21. I’m glad to see these because I wasn’t using YouTube back then. Love these

  22. It’s always hard to pick a favorite Araceli but if I HAD to choose it would be a toss-up between the wall sconce and the candle holders. Love what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing these throwbacks and I hope you have an awesome weekend. 🤗

  23. Love the ship lap foam board !

  24. Whoa! Which "one" was my fav? I loved all of them! I must say, though, the box made out of frames on the candlesticks was really, wait, no. The galv bucket. Painted with twine in a complete set! I think that one!

  25. Every one on your Diys are beautiful! I took pictures along the way, hoping to recreate several. You never cease to amaze! Tyfs 💟

  26. I think my favorite may be the “shiplap” with the heart and the h❤️me sign.

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