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DIY Face Mask | NO SEW | Upcycled Tshirt | 5 Minutes

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Do you need a face mask, but you don’t sew? No worries, I’ve got you totally covered. This diy face mask tutorial allows you to make a face mask out of an upcycled tshirt and it will only take you 5 minutes!

This mask is simple to make, quick and most Importantly…..COMFORTABLE!!!!
You can add a layer of flannel fabric inside to improve filter capability!
Masks can be used for various situations: Outdoor pollen allergies, indoors, grocery stores, parks, nail salons, and AS A REMINDER TO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!!

These masks are NOT MEDICAL MASKS, are NOT N95, and are NOT FDA approved.
There are no claims stating this will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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  1. This method is awesome

  2. I love this! Definitely making two tomorrow!

  3. I love this idea, new to your channel

  4. Thank you so much for this video I struggled trying to make masks for my children by sewing with a thread and needle it was a disaster . This is so much easier !

  5. I'm going to make them right now

  6. I just donated a white black stripped t shirt that I could just to make masks with nice patterns

  7. The only bad thing about this masks (which is better than nothing) is that it has no filter to stop the virus. Cotton has little holes that the virus can come through. I use cotton but I put a piece of Walmart material bag in between it. That should stop the virus to stop coming in. The blue bag of walmart.

  8. Lots of people are just complaining while you are doing something. Right on!

  9. Jan, this was made just for me. Thank you so much!

  10. Thank you so much. This is the best no sew mask I've seen. I've done other no sew and they are very uncomfortable. I don't so, so thank you so much.

  11. Genial y más que genial!!!! Gracias que Dios me la bendiga….y con esta me que quedo y a que voy por ella!!!

  12. I forgot to say the way you have made this it’s easy enough to fit any kind of filter in to it if someone feels like the need to.

  13. Thank you!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for what I while I actually teach myself to sew. We ordered some masks online that are not approved by hospitals at least at the time we ordered them the weren’t but those are going to befor emergencies. Now I’ve read from an expert at Yale that they are saying that even when we are able to go back out in to the world again we will probably need to wear masks at all times until a vaccine is developed. I really love this option. Lord know we have enough old T-shirts I’m my home. Thanks again.

  14. that is best tutorial without any sewing tool. Thanks!

  15. One of the best, if not the best, no sew mask video I've seen! Thank you! 💯

  16. Much appreciated! Made one tonight. Added an additional piece of fabric in the middle plus a second piece as a filter pocket. Hand stitched all edges and added 1/4 of pipe cleaner at the nose bridge. Lastly, I stitched down the edges of the inner folds. Fits amazingly!

  17. Sorry about my stright. Actually this mask is completely useless. It ca n’t prevent viruses, because the virus is so small. You must use a surgical mask, or N95 mask.

  18. You can also add a filter in it as well

  19. But….. I had regulated these t-shirts as Toilet paper replacement ;)… kidding of course. Great idea, thank you so much

  20. Genius! Love ❤️ from Tokyo japan 🇯🇵

  21. Needs a stretchable material???

  22. Yes, yes, yes, thank you!!! This is so simple and I love that it fits great!

  23. Love the design…simple and easy too!

  24. Brilliant. Thank you so much!❤️

  25. Ist ja alles sehr schön, aber wie wäre es wenn das ganze ins deutsche übersetzt würde ? Nicht jeder kann englisch !

  26. It's very good but my problem is this
    Does it have a filter like the ones that are sold??
    Does the filter matter???

  27. or use a stapler to staple the mask together; better put a couple layers of paper towel inside that mask as even with a double layer of material thats not enough protection…

  28. So simple!! I don’t have a sewing machine and to be honest I’m not good at sewing anyways! I’m going to make mask for my family using this method!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Stay safe!!

  29. Can’t hear you over the music

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