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DIY Face Mask with Pocket | No Sewing Machine

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Easy DIY Cloth Mask without using Sewing machine
with Filter Pocket

This DIY is applicable for those who dont have and have sewing machine. I just share the no sewing machine because not all of us have one. But if you have sewing machine definitley use it for making it more secure.

This is NOT as protective as N95 and Surgical Mask, but we can still wear on top of the surgical mask.
I am only sharing how you can make it, it is still up to you which materials you are going to use to make it more effective. 🙂
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  1. This is great! btw, where did you buy the filter? thank you

  2. Anong tela po ba ginamit niyo maam?

  3. Thank you. I am going to make this tomorrow and I will put the filter inside.

  4. Thank you very much for the tutorial.

  5. That’s great ….. very creative and stylish ….. I think these will become the latest fashion statement…. thanku 😊

  6. Why align and do not make in the machine for the seam to get more reinforced and secure

  7. Ang galing mo nman mag gawa ng diy na mask sis.

  8. Brilliant idea keep it up girl 👍👌👏🥰🤩😍

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