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DIY Hand Brake Extension

Today we are going to make a extension for my E-brake in hopes of making me a better drifter lol just kidding. My buddy Matt had this great idea of attaching a bike handle to your ebrake so you can easily rip it. All you need for this DIY project is a bike handle and a creative mind haha. Hope you guys like the video!!

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  1. This could make a great product to put on the market, great idea, man. Keep up the good work

  2. why not invest in a hydro e brake? you won’t risk stretching the e brake cable

  3. You won a new sub. 👍🏻🔰

  4. Been wanting to get one of your rug tbh but I don't think my asian parents will be happy about it.

  5. You already know randy likes the idea

  6. 0:57 reminds me at hanzo from overwatch

  7. thats a preety dope creation u should do more test n produce it as another income bro think big

  8. What if the rear view mirror called the one in vu’s car

  9. You will stretch that e brake cable out in a day

  10. when you dont want to install hydros xD

  11. Real Ogs remember when illiminate all dyed their hair 😭

  12. Vu built a 240 on a budget and it looks amazing. He's going places 👍

  13. saw couple of the cars here at the tracks in japan have this mod, thinking of doing it too

  14. Sup with that E46 in the background while Randy’s choppin ya mop? 👀

  15. I love how Vu doesn't give a f*ck…. true man there!

  16. Screws not bolts! 😑😑

  17. I know a retired dentist broski . she may be able to help tap in i have a number for you

  18. sick ass video Vu. Your definitely the most creative person in illiminate. Keep up the good workk and thx for pushing out great content for us. Much love from OC!!!

  19. Vu put that damn clear Vinyl on everything that’s sticker bombed 🥴

  20. Vu 240 is probably the most looking JdM out of his squad. Lol

  21. Paint it to match your car color!

  22. I'm starting to love cars even tho I dont know how to drive stick but it will be worth trying to learn

  23. Ever since I subscribed and seeing u work on ur first car it's making me want to get into cars

  24. Dude you could make that an actual thing

  25. Mutha fukn VU back at it with his genius Asian brain!!!!!

  26. 0:29 lmfaoo😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Looks great and clean bro. Nice

  28. now i know why i got holes on my illiminate shirt that i ordered 🏹

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