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DIY Henna While Stuck At Home

DIY Henna While Stuck At Home

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  1. Whose henna art did you like? What have you all been doing while self-isolating?

  2. In India , Henna is called Mehandi 👍👍

  3. you are the best when i am sad or mad i watch you and it calms me down and your videos are the best.

  4. A tip is that when you take henna off you should rinse it off with warm water

  5. We usually use thin pouches like icing bags

  6. Henna is actually from India and Pakistan I am Indian so I wear henna all the time

  7. Spencer did it wrong you have to have a thin layer not as thick as his was and you have to wash it of

  8. I saw this when i was putting hennaa

  9. “Nobody is gonna see it” ur fans Will see it

  10. you don't have to leave it on for the whole day when it starts to come of you just take it of if you want

  11. you can dry it with a hairdryer if you want

  12. your ment to use a plastic bag and put it in a coned shape basicly like icing in a bag and you can put it on anywhere on your body

  13. im a muslim so I know and I'm an expert well my mom is and your ment to mix the powder in a bowl so yeah

  14. You should buy hena tubes they are much easier to use on your self

  15. My mum is a pro at putting hena on

  16. You do not have to stay with the henna for six hours you have to wait until it’s dry and then you Welch it with water and sop. Use from Yemen 🇾🇪 we do it on eid it’s a holiday

  17. Audj can you do twin telepaphy with jordan

  18. Hey Audrey can you do a bathbomb vid with Spencer?

  19. If ur not careful thise can kill u.. Be safe

  20. I liked Jordan’s the most

  21. I think Jordan henna was the best then all of the others but they were nice 👍 but I have to say that my sister is a henna artist 👩‍🎨 you guys should look at her Instagram, her Instagram name is called Ahlaam henna designs and also it is with 2 a’s and I riham is also one 😇😀

  22. Does your boyfriend live with you

  23. Audrey Jordan I am Indian and we put like a lot of henna when its blue marriage like even on our feet Lol but yeah love you guys always and for life

  24. Im Pakistanik and in my country we call it mehindi

  25. Some people are allergic to henna

  26. If you put coconut oil on it it will be darker

  27. hey audrey in my country henna is sooo popular and i had it a lot of times i know it amazing and if you did not know there is henna for your hair too and i tryed that too and it sooo cool to me and i never put it on or my mom i had to go to a place and stay safe

  28. My mom does AMAZING henna designs!!!

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