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DIY Home Decor! High End Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Decor You Can Easily Do

Who doesn’t love Farmhouse decor, especially when you can make it for so cheap?! Today we’re using some Dollar Tree products to create these stunning Farmhouse Home Decor pieces. This shelf has to be one of our favorite farmhouse projects we have made. It looks so classy and is very functional. DIY home decor can be cheap, fun, and easy to make! We hope you love today’s video so much you can’t wait to make a run to Dolle Tree and start crafting!

Happy Crafting!

———————————– Supplies —————————————–

Mini Planters:
Dollar Tree Wood Box (3)
Dollar Tree Skewers
Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
Walmart Greenery

Farmhouse Shelf:
Dollar Tree Rectangle Wood Planks (2 packs)
Dollar Tree Nautical Rope (1)
Dollar Tree Tumbling Tower Blocks
Dollar Tree Crafting Sticks
Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
Decor On Shelf-
Dollar Tree 11×14 Picture Frame
Dollar Tree 9×9 Picture Frame
Dollar Tree Glassware
Walmart Lavender & Lambs Ear

Hanging Planters:
Dollar Tree Plunger
Dollar Tree Tin Buckets (2)
Dollar Tree sign
Dollar Tree Utility Hooks (2)
Walmart Lambs Ear
Walmart Lavender
Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
Waverly Chalk Paint – Ink
Waverly Antique Wax

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