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DIY Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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In this video I will be showing you how to make hand sanitizer at home using 3 ingredients!

NOTE: It is best to use alcohol that is 91% or higher but 70% is what i had on hand and what i used.


  1. Perfect needed this with the corona virus lurking 🦠

  2. Wow , this is very helpful , keep posting! This will help you from corona!

  3. Can rubbing alcohol be used instead of Isopropyl alchol?

  4. Peppermint oil in and of itself is also antibacterial. It's why after dinner mints are peppermint. It kills any bacteria or what not in the mouth so that you don't have bad breath after a meal.

  5. You can concentrate lower levels of rubbing alcohol with salt if you can’t find 90%

  6. The "at least 70%" should be at the end of the mixing. If you started at 70 and then dilute them it's not as effective.

  7. What the reason of adding essential oil?

  8. Great idea thanks, hope the alcohol percentage won't drop after all the added ingredients?

  9. Now stores are running out of alcohol and all verá gel but this is a great video Keep making videos like these! I love your videos

  10. Can't find nothing at the stores only empty shelves🙄

  11. can you use aloe plant? thx for the vid too.

  12. Throw it in the trash. Aloe Vera won't allow alcohol to disinfect properly.. Shit I learned that in home economics class.

  13. This realy helps no hand sanitizer in stores time to make it !!!

  14. You just gave the aloe vera companies a reason to be out of stock lmao

  15. this recipe has only 46% alcohol. To make it 65% alcohol, you need to change the 70% rubbing alcohol to 1 5/8 c and the aloe gel to 1/4 c

  16. I can only find wintergreen alcoholic..and I have aloe vera gel is this combo ok to use? Wintergreen aloe vera sanitizer?

  17. Thanks for the tips and I love your Video. Quickly and to the point,unlike other people videos whom likes to talked for 45 minutes. And to be seen on their videos. Messiah loves you John Chapter 3 KJV Scriptures🙋🏾‍♀️🙏🏾🌹

  18. Can I use burn relief gel for homemade hand sanitizer? It does have aloe ingredient in it

  19. who’s here bc of the corona virus? just me ok.

  20. Too much essential oils! More than 10 drops per cup can result in skin irritation and bad rashes. You should use precise amounts!

  21. Well, you definitely don't want to put your fingers in your eyes after using this for sure! You don't anyway, but after using this, your eyes would burn. I'm glad to have your recipe! I need it!

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