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DIY: How to sew Face Mask | NO Sewing Machine!

Pattern link:

DIY Patterns

DIY Face Mask with Filter Pocket– https://youtu.be/H0qvr6hde4s

Easy DIY Cloth Mask without using Sewing machine!!!

This is NOT as protective as N95 and Surgical Mask, but we can still wear on top of the surgical mask.
I am only sharing how you can make it, it is still up to you which materials you are going to use to make it more effective. 🙂
Thank you for watching

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  1. Genius! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Very positive, pro-active, useful and helpful!
    Thank you, you may have helped to save people's health/life!

  3. Thanks sa pagturo sa amin para di na kami bumili ngmsk

  4. Thank u for idea..new friend her..

  5. Thanks for sharing! Finally have something to do with these fabrics I've been hoarding 😅

  6. The only problem is … you need to have a disposable mask already. Everywhere here is sold out of them.

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  8. Thank you so much! If we ALL wear them, sick or well, we will slow the spread of this virus. Wash hands, stay home as much as possible, check on your elderly neighbors. Be kind to one another, we are all in this together!

  9. Thank u kindly! I love the simplicity and also ur video is awesome.

  10. Thank you😄💕 I'm afraid of sewing machines 😨📍😣

  11. Great idea and great value in such a time as this. Thanks for sharing and will surely make for me, my family, my friends, my relatives and love ones. God richly bless you…

  12. This is a great help especially nagkakaubusan na ng facemask.

  13. This is a nice mask design but for it to fight coronavirus it would need to also have an 95nm filter inside it to catch the virus particles. Without the filter this mask will not stop viral infections.
    One tip for sewing this mask better would be to press the seams open and clip them on the curve so they don't pull funny. This would make it easier to line up your seams for two curved pieces and not have slippage of the fabric.
    Last thought, please for the love of Mike change the music. The same five notes for the entire video is torture.

  14. Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

  15. Thank you dear lady! You were ahead of the crisis. And I don't have a sewing machine. 💕

  16. Hey…I am from Bangladesh…🇧🇩
    I also enjoy your video…
    Thanks for making mask…

  17. pano kung walang lampin or burp cloth

  18. Sadly we'll all be up day and night making these now!

  19. Bad music. good video and instruction.

  20. Thank you for the pattern and video

  21. Like the two way pattern cute

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