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DIY IDEAS FOR ROOM 2020 I Ideas tumblr

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  1. WAW IT'S SO NICE 💗❤👍🏻

  2. Who watches and asks they’re parents if they can do it and they say no so you two have a fight

  3. Just saying if u know where to buy the stuff making these are cheaper than buying them at a store… Plus you get the feeling of fulfillment when you finish and just saying if you have enough time to sit and watch YouTube videos you have plenty of time to work on projects like these…

  4. I wanted one vision board i couldnt find in ksa then i saw this amazing 2 idea i got impressed

  5. A este comentario solo podrán dar like los latinos

  6. Pesonely I loved the clock and I tried it and it looks awesome
    Its hanging in my room

  7. For the first one

    The holo queen dancing around

  8. me just enjoying the fact that some peopler are triggerd about da clock XD

  9. Who else just only went in the comments to see if something bad happends in this video😂

  10. Bez urazy ale ten zegar wygląda jak gówno

  11. The first one just looks like a fail

  12. Now really needs to clean up

  13. 2020 is here and it’s been 2 years

  14. Comments: Complains about the clock
    Me: Haven't I've seen 3:08 before? OH WAIT YEAH. 5 MIN CRAFTS

  15. Thanks I'll never do that cus I'm too lazy 😊

  16. whoever made that clock was stupid af 🙁

  17. “DIY ideas for room 2020”

    Year video was made: 2018

    Me: ytfjffjfutuufddbfb its 2020 right now trufgfhfhdyddyhf

  18. The letter k looks like toothpaste hahaha

  19. Ew the K straight up looks like it’s been straight up smothered in Colgate Triple Action toothpaste.

  20. Overused music ruined the video.

  21. Pls don’t hate the clock she tried her best

  22. Yo trataria de q no se arrigara asi el papel… :$

  23. The first one got me confused
    How to destroy a perfectly fine clock???

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