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DIY-ing The Clothing I Want! – Episode 1 * Thrift Flip

S U B S C R I B E – http://bit.ly/1jFSVD2

Hi friends! Welcome to a new series on my channel where I make/thrift flip the clothing I WANT. I hope you enjoy following me along this journey as I’m excited to finally own the items I felt like didn’t exist. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

Skirt – $5.99
Thread – $2.00
Heat Bond – $5.00
Silver Fabric – $10.00
TOTAL COST – $22.99


* H E Y ! My name is Tasha Leelyn, I’m a Canadian beauty/lifestyle vlogger livin’ in the country with my 3 German Shepherds! Thrift With Me, Home Decor, 70s Boho Country gal – catch my drift? Thanks for watching! *


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  1. You should checkout "Annika Victoria" channel, she does amazing up cycling videos 🙂

  2. Would be so cool for u to do a jaquet like with a lot of patches or another thinhs ❣

  3. Wow ! This was a success! What a cute skirt! It looks so cute on you! Thank you also for the mini sewing tutorial! More sewing tips please 🙂 Thinking of buying my sis a sewing machine! Where did you get your sewing machine from Tasha? Thank you 🙂 xo

  4. The hand tattoos are so unexpected, but I kind of love them on her. We love an edgy DIY queen.

  5. This is extremely impressive for your second time seeing! Not only did you do it, but you walked us through how you did it too, and very well I might add. Super cute!

  6. Honestly I would love you see a reimagined version of the tan/gold overlay starry dress!

  7. Yessss love this, can't wait for the rest of the series!
    I just posted a try on haul of some thrifted goodies if anyones looking for more content to watch 🙂

  8. This was an awesome video! I haven't sewn in years and I loved how you explained everything in such detail. It may be helpful to beginners to explain how not to sew material to itself (since you know how to do it 😛) and how to use a seam ripper. I still own a sewing machine so I may just get it out a play around with it.

  9. You shouldn’t slam down the sewing machine foot. Just lower it down gently as it could break. I really appreciate that you are sewing garments with the intentions of longevity and I think we should all think like this! Love how your skirt turned out ☆

  10. Love this! I didn’t realize there was double-sided interfacing like that. Sewing it down around the edges is very smart, even if it took a while!!

  11. The skirt came out really cute.

  12. I loved this video! I usually don't watch DIYs, but I'm a fan of your thrifting hauls and vlogs, so I tried it. I can't wait to see the other videos in this new series. 🙂 Very interesting and informative.

  13. Soo great 4 spring! I also luv that it's one of a kind!

  14. Love this. This is the first video I’m seeing of yours and you definitely have a new subscriber! Also, for sewing and diy clothing, you should check out Annika Victoria on here, she does really good and easy to follow videos about sewing/clothes and sustainability. ❤️

  15. love this ! giving me some spacey kacey vibes too ! 💕

  16. It turned out so good!! You are a pro now ⭐️

  17. i feel like the skirt would look even better if you put on a new waistband!

  18. I’ve been sewing most of my life and I fully agree the appliqué (bond material) as well as sewing is the best option. As well as making sure the stars are exactly where you want them, it stops the fabric from bunching up which often happens when sewing something small like the points of a star. I’m excited to see how far you go with this 💜

  19. Fantastic! Love your look.

  20. Loved it, it would look awesome blue and silver

  21. From someone who knows how to sew for a job you did so well! Have some faith in your self and they’ll pick it up no problem! Just don’t try and do too much at once I may have done that whole learning before 🙈

  22. Love this idea! I’d love to see you upcycle a denim jacket with patches/ embroidery or fringe! 💖💫✨

  23. LOVE THIS! Thanks for the content babe 😘😘

  24. Great job, but one small tip for sewing, don't pull your fabric thru from the back, guide it thru from the front

  25. Can you DIY a knotted velvet headband?💓

  26. You look amazing in it! Love it!

  27. Love this darling! Make sure you bust out an apron for yourself for when your in the kitchen. That will be a treasure for you in the future darling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼bravo for you

  28. Omg I’ve really pulled back from thrifting bc of exactly what you said! I would find items that were close to what I wanted and buy them even if they weren’t exactly it and then I would end up not wearing them bc they weren’t right!

  29. Thank you for making something that you intend to actually wear! I hate watching the DIYs that are crazy looking because they're just trying to get a video out. I MUCH rather watch something that took time, trial and error and that the maker intends to wear over and over again. So cool!

  30. This reminds me of Mamma Mia! I'm totally here for it.

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