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DIY pop-up zebra crossing

For the many thousands of school children who struggle to cross busy roads in safety, help may be at hand in the shape of a do-it-yourself, pop-up zebra crossing that can be installed in less than a minute.

The pop-up zebra crossing was developed by the Environmental Transport Association (eta.co.uk) at the start of Green Transport Week 2012 in support of parents in London who were told by their local council that there was no need for a new zebra crossing on the busy road outside the local school.

Estimates of the cost of having a real zebra crossing installed range from £12,000 to over £100,000. The DIY crossing costs less than £50.

Over 2,500 children were killed or seriously injured on British roads in 2010.

For more information about the ETA, please call 0800 212 810 or visit the website of our campaigning wing, http://www.etatrust.org.uk


  1. just saw this, well done for protesting in this creative way you should be proud of yourselves!

  2. I do like it tho especially the inflatable ones, think they look great lol

  3. I am concerned that as it is not a official crossing which is registered with the local authorities nor authorized by them, if somebody gets ran over using this make shift crossing, then will the person who installed it get prosecuted for endangering people's lives or causing a death?

    I myself would be too frightened to install something myself on a highway for these reasons

  4. doing that in the united kingdom is illegal and you would get arrested for highways act.

  5. We designed this as a publicity stunt to protest against a local council that refused to install a real life zebra crossing even after a driver had run over a child. This pop-up crossing encouraged them to change their mind and we now have a proper one outside the school.

  6. My first reaction is that it is a colossally stupid idea! How will drivers react to having THAT thrown in front of them? Wouldn't it be better to wait until the road is clear?

  7. If you want to place the crossing, don't you have to cross the road already? or are you supposed to trow it to the other side?

  8. The pop-up zebra crossing was first erected in Kingston in protest at the council's refusal to install a real outside Alexandra Infant School after a child was run over by a car last year outside the school gates. We've just had news that in response to the pop-up zebra crossing, Kingston council has agreed to install a real version.

  9. Highways authorities tend to be reactive rather than using common sense and proactive. It usually takes at least one fatality before the cost of installation is deemed justifiable. Sad but true. One wonders how politicians and highways engineers sleep at night.

  10. Power to the little people. Well done. There's a loving and caring person.

  11. Why have those individual strips? A whole roll painted with black stripes white would be quicker and easier to roll out.

  12. I know exactly where that is. Thames Street in Weybridge.

  13. Heard about this on LBC this morning, well done ;o)

  14. Heard about this on lbc. Well done.

  15. Where exactly was the road location used?

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